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8 Best Heated Insoles for Hunting: Battery Powered vs. Natural Heat

Hunters spend long periods of time outdoors, with many participating year-round, not just when the weather is warm. Winter hunters can easily suffer from the dreaded foot condition known as popsicle toes. The freezing of their feet due to cold temperatures, as well as subjecting them to snow, rain and sleet can be painful. Cold feet can lead to issues such as poor circulation, compromised function (which can increase physical injury), and in extreme cases, frostbite. While you can wear thick boots and layers of thermal socks, sometimes even these won’t help when you are ankle deep in winter.

Thankfully you can invest in a pair of heated insoles for your outdoor footwear, which can provide long hours of warmth inside your boot to combat the long hours of cold outside it. These insoles come in a variety of models to safely keep your toes toasty in the most bitter of climates. With battery operated options, USB charging, and even app control, these insoles have come a long way technologically. If you want something that is more environmentally friendly, there are all-natural options as well.

Our article below provides you all the essential information to figure out which are the best heated insoles for your hunting adventures.

Thins to Consider Before Buying

While heated insoles perform the same function, they all do it in their own unique way. Here are some things you should be looking out for when shopping for foot warmers.

Material Construction

What the insole is made out of will make a difference, not only in the level of comfort they afford you, but their function as well.

Some models use a full orthotic insole that will give you good arch support, a stable heel, and high-quality cushioning. This type is heated insole is not as common, as it is meant to fully replace the insole your boot comes with.

Most heated insoles are slim, only providing a thin strip of EVA foam to stand on. While this provides a bit of cushioning, it’s main function is to act as a barrier that protects the heating element.

There are also all-natural insoles that are a bit thicker, and feel more like you are standing on a bed of sand due to the materials that are used.

Heating Element

This is where most heated insoles differ from each other. The majority of them will have a heating element built into the insole itself, so you can use them straight out the box. The heating element can be in a localized area (usually under the forefoot), or can be the full length of the insole, which provides wider coverage. These electric elements can be made with copper wiring, or far infrared radiation (FIR) strips. Both provide excellent heat distribution.

However, there are some models where you will have to assemble the heating element and insole. Depending on your level of DIY know-how, you might be totally comfortable doing this, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help guide you.

Heated insoles that are pre-assembled fall into two camps: battery powered vs. all-natural.

Battery Powered vs. Natural Heat

Heated insoles that rely on batteries to power them usually cost more than their all-natural counterparts, but you also get a lot more use from them. Good for hundreds of charges and years of use, they last longer the more you use them, and can provide heat for an entire day. In order for them to reach peak performance, they should be cycled 3-5 times when you first use them. With mAh ratings between 1400 and 3600, these batteries have a lot of juice in them, as well as multiple settings that can control their temperature output.

Some models have the battery built into the heel of the insole, and are rechargeable via USB. These usually come with a USB charging block and dual cable so you can simultaneously charge both insoles. The charging block can also be swapped out for a car charging adapter, or power bank, giving you added flexibility to charge anywhere you are.

There are also battery powered insoles that house the rechargeable battery in a pouch on your ankle, and connect it with a wire to the base of the insole. While this sounds like the wire would potentially impede your natural motion, and trip you up, this is not the case, and most people forgot it is even there.

Naturally heated insoles are single-use products that use a mixture of natural materials – iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and vermiculite. This mixture naturally reacts when exposed to air to provide heat. Due to their environmentally-conscious construction, they can be thrown out with your garbage without harming the planet.


Depending on outdoor conditions, you might want (or need) a very hot insole.

Battery operated insoles will allow you to choose different levels of heat – usually with a low, medium, and high setting – to keep your feet warm. This not only gives you flexibility, but longevity as well. For insoles with an ankle battery, you can just reach down and change the setting or turn them off completely. Insoles that have the battery built into the heel may come with a key fob remote for cycling through the outputs, and powering on and off. There are even some models that have app control via Bluetooth so you can easily control the temperature of your feet.

All natural heated insoles do not have any kind of temperature regulation function. In fact, while they do provide a lot of heat, they can become too hot at times for some. They seem to work better if you are outdoors in a static position (ie. watching a football game in the dead of winter), rather than doing an activity.

Best Heated Insoles for Hunting Reviews

Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal Review

This kit from Hotronic contains everything you need to heat your hunting boots so your feet don’t freeze. Their one-size-fits-all construction comes with 2 battery packs crafted from a nickel metal hybrid, and are rechargeable with a 2000 mAh rating. These batteries output heat in 4 settings – low medium, high, and blast. The blast setting provides a burst of heat for 3 minutes before automatically reverting to the high setting. These S series batteries provide increased longevity and performance, while maintaining reliability, and are a step up from previous Hotronic models. A full charge can last all day, and they stay secured to your boot via a back clip, although you can purchase a separate slide bracket for extra security, as the batteries are not covered under warranty if you lose them.

The insole and Cambrelle covers are customizable, as they can be trimmed to fit any type of boot, and installation of these is pretty straight forward with a little bit of know-how. All in all, these are an excellent choice that will keep your feet toasty from sunrise to sunset.

  • All In One Kit
  • Includes 2000 mAh Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • Uses High-Quality Cambrelle Covers
  • 4 Heat Settings
  • Battery Includes Clip for Securing To Boot
  • Can Heat Your Feet All Day

  • Expensive
  • Installation Can Be Cumbersome

Gerbing 12V Hybrid Heated Insoles Review

These hybrid heated insoles from Gerbing are best suited to motorcycle riders, and are available in multiple sizes from extra small up to XXL. Unlike many heated boot liner replacements, these ones heat the entire surface of the foot, and are crafted with microwire instead of copper. Microwire warms up quickly in about 4 seconds, is a superior heating element, and is built-in to the insole. With its pre-made construction, you can easily install these in your footwear, with Gerbing giving you about half an inch of trimmable area so you can customize them for a perfect fit. They are crafted from EVA material, with medium arch contouring, and a deep heel for comfort and stability.

They’re also designed to be powered by the 12V system on your bike, and include a battery harness which is then connected to a dual temperature controller (separate purchase). This controller can adjust the microwire element anywhere from 0 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. From the controller, an included Y cable runs down each pant leg and connect to the insoles in each boot. While the flexibility of using these for many different types of outdoor activities is lacking, they can be a great solution to keeping your feet warm and extending your riding season, be it on a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV.

  • Pre-Assembled Heated Insole
  • Multiple Sizes To Accommodate Anyone
  • Uses A Premium Microwire Heating Element
  • Insole Can Be Heated In Seconds
  • Crafted With Comfortable EVA Material
  • Heats Entire Surface Of Foot
  • Can Be Slightly Trimmed For Custom Fit
  • Adjustable 0 to 135F Temperature

  • For Use With Outdoor Vehicles Only (ie. Motorcycles/Snowmobiles/ATVs)
  • Temperature Controller Not Included

INWAVE US Heated Insoles Review

While the heating element and rechargeable battery are built directly into this insole, Inwave still prices them reasonably, making them one of the best heated insoles on the market. 3.7V of power ensure they’re extremely safe for use, and the battery uses 1400 mAh of storage to provide long hours of use. They are constructed with high quality polyurethane and silica gel to provide excellent comfort and shock absorption, with the heating element featured in the forefoot of the sole. Rated IP45 waterproof, they have small holes to help circulate air and keep your foot breathing well.

The unisex aesthetics allow both genders to use them, and they are also available in multiple sizes with trim capabilities along the toe line. 3 heat settings range from 95F to 110F, and you can get anywhere between 4-7 hours of continuous heat from them during those long days in the cold. A nice feature they include is app control via Bluetooth, which is fully supported by both iOS and Android systems. This makes it simple to adjust the temperature and turn them on or off, as the manual control buttons are on the side of the insole. Fast-acting in about 30 seconds, both insoles can be simultaneously charged, Inwave provides a 1 year return policy, and you can use them in any situation where the cold might cause problems for your feet.

  • Heater & Battery Built Into The Insole
  • Available in Multiple Sizes With Trimlines
  • Uses High Quality PU And Silica Gel Materials
  • Fast Warming In 30 Seconds
  • Bluetooth App Control For Both iOS and Android
  • Up To 7 Hours of Continuous Heat
  • 3 Heat Settings Between 95F and 110F
  • IP45 Waterproof
  • Air Holes Provide Good Circulation
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Built-In Design Can Be Bulky For Some

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles Review

Slotted between two layers of EVA sponge is a thin, rubber heating element that uses FIR (far infrared radiation) technology to provide heat and warmth to your ice cold feet. Heating the full portion of the insole, they come in one size with provided trim lines so you can customize them for a perfect fit. With a 6mm height, they very thin and act more as a heater than a supportive orthotic. Translation: These are to be used over your boot insoles or in your boot liner.

Dual lithium ion batteries provide 2500 mAh of rechargeable juice, up to 6 hours of heat, and your choice of 4 heat levels. Most people use them on the one or two setting, as they can really cook! Dual gaiters house the batteries on your legs using a velcro strap system. These are normally worn around the ankles, but there is enough slack on them to allow you to place the gaiters anywhere on your legs. Using an innovative technology, this German brand keeps it simple with a good heating system at an affordable price.

  • Single Size Trimmed To Fit
  • Uses Innovative FIR Technology For Heating
  • Uses EVA Sponge Material for Cushion
  • 2500 mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • Gives Off 6 Hours of Heat
  • Multiple Output Settings To Choose From
  • Gaiters House Batteries on Legs For Easy Output Adjustments

  • Not An Adequate Foot Orthotic

Outrek 2 Electric Heated Insoles Review

Ultraslim with a flexible design, these electric insoles from Anseris are meticulously crafted to keep your toes toasty warm during the coldest of weather. Available in 2 sizes, you will have to trim them down to match your footwear, and their rechargeable 1900 mAh batteries are built into the 12mm thick heels for a clever and supported design. Using a safe 3.7V of power, they heat up quickly and have low, medium, and high output modes as well as a standby function. Charging them up is easy enough using the dual micro USB charger, which can also be swapped out with other adapters (ie. car chargers) for added charging flexibility.

Heating temperatures range between 113F and 135F. A provided key fob remote makes it simple to adjust the heat to your liking, or put them on standby mode when you want a break. Normal operation should get you 4 to 6 hours of heat, but by using standby mode you can stretch this out for up to 12 hours. With a sleek look, excellent functionality and a full 1 year warranty, you can confidently purchase these knowing you are getting a high quality product that works as advertised.

  • Attractive Design
  • Heating Element and Battery Built Into Insole
  • 1900 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Micro USB Charger
  • 4-6 Hours Of Use (Up to 12 Hours Using Standby Mode)
  • 3 Output Modes
  • Hot 113F to 135F Temperatures
  • Key Fob Remote For Easy Control
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Expensive

Warmfits Battery Powered Rechargeable Heated Insoles Review

Excellent heated insoles for hunting in minus temperatures, this model from Warmfits does a good job heating your boots while being kind to your bank account at the same time. Powered by dual 3600 mAh rechargeable batteries at a safe 3-6 volts, this set comes with a dual USB charging cable and the accompanying block. The nice thing about this cable is that you can swap out the block with a car charger adapter, power bank, or even a laptop, for on-the-go charging capability.

The insole itself uses a slim design for less bulk in your boot, is crafted out of soft EVA foam for cushion and elasticity, with the heating region spread out over the entire insole. It’s also a one-size-fits-all model, accommodating feet that are sized between 7 and 12, with trim lines allowing you to get that perfect fit. Returning 5-6 hours of use on a single charge, they can get up to 120F in temperature, but are designed to warm rather than excessively heat your feet. This keeps your foot comfortable and reduces the production of foot sweat. Velcro bags for each ankle house the batteries which connect to the insoles, and when you are finished using them they pack up easily in their storage box.

  • Budget Priced Insoles
  • Full Insole Warming
  • Slim Design With Soft EVA Foam
  • Dual 3600 mah Rechargeable Batteries
  • USB Charging Can Be Used With Power Banks and Car Chargers
  • 5-6 Hours Of Continuous Use
  • Temperature Can Get Up To 120F

  • Only One Size So You Need To Trim Them
  • Lack Of Hot Heat Can Turn Some People Off

WORLD-BIO Disposable Insole Foot Warmers Review

Ditching the fancy electrical equipment that so many heated insoles use, these foot warmers from World-Bio use all-natural materials to heat your foot when they are exposed to air. Designed for single-use, they are environmentally safe to dispose of, and are available in 10, 16, and 40 packs. An excellent option for those that require heated boots every now and then, they use iron powder, and are odorless so your footwear won’t stink over time. After air activation, they take about 5-10 minutes to kick in, but once they do you get up to 8 hours of heat that is evenly distributed over the entire insole. If the temperature does start to plummet, you can expose them to air again, shake them around and they should re-activate.

The price is definitely right for these, and they will suit hunters, as well as anyone else that is staying outdoors for long periods of time.

  • Inexpensive
  • Single-Use Heated Insoles
  • Crafted With All-Natural Materials
  • Environmentally Safe For Disposal
  • Available In Multiple Pack Sizes
  • Up To 8 Hours Of Continuous Heat
  • Heating Covers Entire Insole
  • Not Reliant On Power Supply

  • Loose Iron Powder Base Can Be Uncomfortable
  • No Temperature Regulation
  • Can Get Too Hot If Moving A Lot

Grabber Insole Foot Warmers Review

Using all-natural materials to warm your feet for hours, these insoles from Grabber come in a pack of 30 pairs, at around $2.50 per pair. Designed as single-use, they are safe to dispose of, using a mixture of iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and vermiculite for an environmentally conscious construction. 9.75 inches long x 3 inches wide, they are TSA approved so you can bring them with you if you are traveling to a winter destination. They take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to activate once they are exposed to air. Using the shake method (re-exposing them to air and shaking the insole) will re-activate them should you experience any heat loss during use.

These foot warmers are well priced, give off around 5 hours of heat, and will keep your toes from freezing during your outdoor activities.

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Single-Use Heated Insoles
  • Crafted With All-Natural Materials
  • Environmentally Safe For Disposal
  • TSA Approved To Take Traveling
  • Around 5 Hours Of Continuous Heat
  • Heating Covers Entire Insole
  • Not Reliant On Power Supply

  • Materials Used Can Feel Uncomfortable For Some
  • Can’t Regulate Temperature


How Do Heated Insoles Work?

Heated insoles work by providing a layer of warmth between your boot and your foot. A heating element is housed in an insole, and an electrical current activates them. This current is usually battery powered, with the battery either being built into the heel of the insole, or resting comfortably on your ankle in a pouch. If the battery is on your ankle, a wire runs down the side of your foot, down into your boot, and connects to the base of the insole.

There are also insoles that are constructed with materials that naturally react with the atmosphere to provide heat. While they are not dependent on power, the downside to them is they can only be used once.

Are Heated Insoles Safe?

Yes they are safe to use. If they weren’t, you would see a lot of people with hobbling around with burnt toes! Battery-powered models allow for you to control the temperature output with multiple settings, and rarely go past 135F. Their output usually falls in the 3-6V range, which is safe for humans. Natural heating insoles can get too hot at times, as they have no regulator, but they will never get to the point where they burn your feet.

What Is The Cost Of Heated Insoles?

The price of heated insoles can be separated into whether you are looking for battery-powered or all-natural insoles.

Battery-powered ones can start as low as $30 for a basic model that provides a decent amount of warmth, and can go over $200 for a high-output, USB charging, key fob controlling, bells and whistles set.

All natural insoles are sold in larger quantity packs (as they are single use), and average out to around $2.50 per pack.

While battery operated insoles are more expensive upfront, you can use them more, making them cheaper in the long run.

What Are The Benefits of Heated Insoles?

Here’s a short list of how heated insoles can enhance your life:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Eliminates Development Of Frostbite
  • Keep Feet Flexible To Avoid Injuries
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Easy To Install And Remove
  • Spend Longer Periods Of Time Outdoors
  • Rechargeable For Years Of Use
  • Lightweight And Won’t Weigh Down Your Footwear

When Can I Use Heated Insoles?

You can use heated insoles for virtually any outdoor activity. Hunters and hikers love them because of the long hours they spend with their feet exposed to cold temperatures, as well as snow and rain, reducing the chances of them developing conditions like frostbite. You can also use them when you are working outdoors, tailgating/attending winter sporting events, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or taking your dog for a walk.


Why suffer with cold feet if you don’t have to? With many options on the market hitting various price points, there is no reason to go through another winter fighting against the elements. Heated insoles are the way to go for long hours of outdoor fun.

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