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Best Stroller For Tall Parents: BOB vs. Britax vs. Mountain Buggy

Baby strollers are the best solution you can find when you have to take your baby outdoors with you. A stroller is supposed to be comfortable for both you and your baby. If you are someone who is above average height then finding a stroller becomes a challenging task.

In your case, you need to look for a stroller with an adjustable handlebar that has all the other features you need. But you are lucky to have found us because we have searched for the best products for you.

Our Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for the best baby strollers for tall parents? Then you should refer to the list given below. We have shortlisted five of the best models in the market. Go through the details and pick the model that suits you right.

Britax B-ready G3 Stroller Review

Britax’s B Ready G3 is the ultimate stroller you can get for your baby. Among all the other Britax strollers, B-Ready is perhaps the most versatile one.

The modular design comes with an adjustable handlebar height suitable for tall parents. Its 12 seating options are perfect for families with more than one kid. It is designed with multiple seats and a bassinet. All this is provided to meet the various needs of the families.

Reversible top stroller seat allows your child to ride looking out at the world or facing you. The ventilated canopy window protects your child from the harmful outside elements. You are provided with an extra-large storage basket that can be easily accessed from all sides.

The quick-fold design easily closes the stroller in just seconds even when you have the seats attached. With the foam-filled rubber tires and suspension system and a 4 position recline, you can provide your child with a comfortable ride. The stroller is also equipped with an automatic frame lock system that secures the closed stroller and keeps it compact for traveling or storing.

This versatile stroller is the perfect option for babies from birth to 55 pounds. With this stroller, you no longer have to worry about leaving your kid behind while going out.

  • Can be converted into a double stroller. This makes it suitable for parents with two kids.
  • Designed for babies from birth up to 55 pounds in the main seat, meaning you can use it for a longer time.
  • Provided with an adjustable handlebar which is perfect for taller parents.

  • Seat configurations can be confusing.
  • It weighs nearly 30 pounds which makes it one of the bulkiest options.
  • Comes with four recline position which means you have limited options.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller Review

With the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0, you can go for any type of outing with your baby. This is an ideal on and off-road jogging stroller which is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

It is equipped with the swivel locking system which offers easy maneuverability or locks for stability when jogging on or off-road. Along with it, it also includes a tracking adjustment knob which helps your stroller run straight when in the locked position. The air-filled tires along with the suspension system provide an ultra-smooth ride for your baby.

It is equipped with a 9 positions adjustable handlebar. This makes it ideal for any parents, especially if you are tall. It also has near flat seat recline which helps accommodate sleeping children easily. The fully upright seating position allows your child to see the world when you are out on an adventure.

The stroller is also equipped with a hassle-free five-point no-rethread harness. This helps in easy adjustments while the two-step fold is completed in seconds. With this feature-rich stroller, you can provide your child with a comfortable ride. The stroller is designed with an ultra-padded ventilated compression seat and an extra-large UPF 50+ canopy.

It also has reflective accents for added safety and visibility. Through the peek and chat window you can keep checking or talking to your child. It comes with flip flop friendly, foot-activated parking brake which helps in securing the stroller in the stopped position. It also comes with three large seat-back pockets including two integrated seat pockets, a cell phone pocket, and an extra-large cargo basket. This stroller is fit for babies from birth to 75 pounds.

  • Offers one-hand reclining for comfortable naps on the go.
  • Comes with large air-filled tires that can even the harsh terrain like beach.
  • Designed with lots of pockets.
  • Made with top quality materials for durability.
  • With suspension cushions, the stroller glides smoothly.

  • Quite heavy.
  • Takes a lot of space in a folded state.
  • It is very pricey with even more expensive accessories.

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller Review

This stroller from BOB has all the features you need. This is one of the best baby strollers you will find on the market. It is suitable for children from 8 weeks old and up to 75 pounds.

This all-terrain stroller is equipped with hand-activated rear drum brakes for the best downhill control. Not only that, but the front wheel can swivel for top maneuverability or lock for added stability. It also includes many other features that make it more appealing to the buyers. With this deluxe stroller you also get an adjustable padded handlebar. It offers 9 positions to create the perfect fit for parents of all heights.

It also offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride. Unlike other baby strollers, this one is easy to fold for convenient transportation and storage. In just two steps, you can fold it up. It also has air-filled tires for a smooth ride both on-road and off-road.

With all the innovative features, this is the perfect stroller you can get for intense workouts or strolls around the city. This versatile stroller has a one-hand near-flat recline which accommodates sleeping children easily. With the ventilated, padded seat and extra-large UPF 50+ canopy, your child can enjoy a comfortable ride. It comes with 2 interior seat pockets, 1 seatback pocket, and oversized cargo basket underneath the seat. Thus, you have enough space to store all the baby stuff.

  • It includes easy mobility along with the greater suspension.
  • It has a hand-activated brake which is much needed to have control over the stroller.
  • Equipped with a large canopy and excellent brakes.
  • Offers you with enough storage space to carry all the stuff you need.

  • The canopy doesn’t stay in its place very well.
  • This is a heavier and bulkier option. This makes it difficult to store.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller Review

Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging strollers are designed to deliver optimal performance to active parents. It is meant to redefine functionality. This is one of the best adaptable jogging strollers where sporting aesthetics meets maximum control. It has loads of features to offer which makes it one of the best choices in the market.

It is equipped with an adjustable handlebar that provides comfort for tall parents. With the hand brakes, you can gain maximum control on the stroller whether running or walking. It also has an excellent shock-absorbing suspension technology that gives both parent and child the smoothest possible ride.

It is equipped with three-mode swivel lock wheels which gives you comfort and confidence to tackle any terrain. With a compact, one-hand fold design, you can enjoy the convenience quickly folding the stroller when needed. It provides more storage space which parents find to be very useful. The Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium jogging stroller comes with a zip-covered gear tray which can hold up to 22lbs of weight. The Mountain Buggy stroller also has built-in compartment pockets for better organization. It has zip pockets on the sun hood and 2 water bottle holders to keep you hydrated on the go.

It comes with air-filled rear wheelsets which are meant to give you the flexibility to go from active to urban style within seconds. With this stroller, you can enjoy superior maneuverability. It can glide effortlessly over all types of terrain, with its air-filled rear tires. It comes with improved shock-absorbing suspension and a 3-mode front wheel. Both tires include drum brakes, so parents can use the hand-operated control brake to control their speed.

It also includes a lot of accessories including reversible liner, two bottle holders, bumper bar and additional 12-inch rear wheelset. It is also easy to fold for easy transportation. The water-resistant fabric makes things even more convenient for you under adverse weather conditions..

  • Easy to use and great for off-roading.
  • Has an adjustable handlebar which makes it suitable for tall parents..
  • It features a hand brake to give you maximum control over the stroller.
  • Made with high-quality material to make it long-lasting and durable.
  • It offers you lots of storage space to carry all the baby stuff you need.

  • Has a very high price tag.
  • Has a bulkier structure which makes it difficult to store.
  • The canopy provided is quite short.

Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller Review

This purpose-built running stroller is designed to go at your pace. It is made from 100% recycled PET fabric. This is the only stroller available equipped with 3 modes of transport: walking, running, and jogging.

It moves smoothly on all-suspension and air-filled tires and can be folded with ease due to a new ergonomic trigger release. It comes standard with a wrist strap, air pump, bell, foldable bumper bar, and a 3-year warranty. The handlebar height can be adjusted from 35” up to 46” which makes it a great choice for tall parents.

Complete with extra reflective elements, the redesigned canopy provides more headroom space. With increased sun coverage, it means you can get out for a walk on warm days without worrying about sun exposure. It comes with 5 easy stow pockets, including a sippy cup holder and unobstructed, oversize cargo basket with a 29-liter capacity.

The stroller is also equipped with a one-step fold with gear assisted hinge and auto-lock. For added comfort, it also has a grip carry handle. It is equipped with UPF 45+ canopy with magnetic viewing mesh window, pop out extension and removable back panel. You can get the stroller in different colors including grey mint, matte black, maritime blue and camp green colors. You can choose any of the color you like for your baby.

  • Designed to go at its own pace.
  • Equipped with a large canopy that keeps the baby protected.
  • It has an easy-grip handle for your comfort.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.

  • It has a high price tag and not everyone can afford it.
  • It has a bulkier design which makes it difficult to work with.

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a baby stroller, you need to consider a few points. If you are buying it for the first time then you can take help from the pointers below.


Before you set out to buy strollers, you need to know the available types.

Standard or full-sized

These strollers are more durable and bigger. They are bulkier and hard to maneuver.

Jogging strollers

It comes with a lightweight frame with sturdy. These strollers are made for active parents.

Lightweight strollers

These strollers are designed for portability. With these strollers, you can travel around with your kid easily.

Double strollers

In case, you have more than one kid or twins then you can make use of double strollers.

Ease of use

No matter what type of stroller you are choosing, it should be easy for you to use. Like you should be able to move it around easily and lift in your car. It should also be easily folded and stored. You need to check all of these things before buying a stroller. After all, you need to carry it outside.


The baby stroller you are buying should meet your safety requirements. The stroller is meant for your baby and therefore, you cannot take it for granted. It should come with all the necessary features like five-point safety harness strap, air-filled tires for smooth movement. It should also have reliable brakes along with hand-activated brakes for more control.

Adjustable handles

Not all baby strollers come with adjustable handles. Therefore, you need to check before buying it. Having an adjustable handle makes the stroller ideal for parents of any height. This means even tall parents can use the strollers with full convenience. Make sure that you choose a good stroller with an adjustable handle option.


Along with adjustable handles you also need an adjustable canopy. This is important for you to keep your baby safe from all the outside elements like UV rays, dust, wind, etc.


You should also check whether your stroller is offering enough storage space or not. The more storage pockets you get, the better it is for you. This allows you to carry a lot of stuff while going out.


Are all baby strollers adjustable in height?

If you think that all baby strollers can be adjusted in height then you are wrong. Many strollers have no adjustability at all. Some of them may have just the recline feature.

Are adjustable baby strollers more costly?

It is not always true that adjustable strollers are expensive. You will always get an affordable option to suit your needs. It’s just that you will have to look deeper.

Will a handlebar extender work with my stroller?

Many brands offer handlebar extenders with their strollers. This is considered to be one of the best options for tall parents to use the stroller. If you are planning to buy a new stroller, you should check if this feature is available.

How tall is an average baby stroller?

As you may already know there are different brands in the baby stroller market. The height of an average baby stroller may differ from brand to brand. Most of the brands use a height that falls between 34 and 45 inches tall. But for taller parents, you can even get strollers that are 50 inches high.

Is there any DIY solution to make a stroller’s handlebars taller?

If you are using a stroller with a low handle then you can look for many DIY solutions to get it fixed. But this is not a long-term fix. If you are looking for comfort and performance then you need to get a stroller with an adjustable handle. You need to buy a stroller that is right for you and your baby. It should provide comfort to the whole family.


So these are five of the best baby strollers for tall parents available on the market. All five products are designed to give you an excellent performance. They are loaded with features and designed to deliver the best experience for the baby and you. You can choose any of the models you think best suits your own needs.

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