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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Review: You Get What You Pay For!


One of the oldest headphone models that are popular today is definitely the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. Despite being designed back in the ‘90s, this model is still one of the most commonly found models, in professional music studios. These open-back headphones are said to have one of the most realistic sound replications out there, while also being durable and comfortable. In recent times, they are often advertised as one of the best headphones for electronic drums out there on the market, which is a huge claim. These headphones come in several models – more precisely, they come in versions that have 32 ohms, 250 ohms, and 600 ohms. The Pro model currently comes only in a 250-ohm version, and that is the one that we will pay attention to. If you want to know what the verdict is, keep on reading.

Sound Quality

The sound of these headphones is perfectly adjusted to drums, especially electronic drums. Their nominal sound pressure level is 96 dB. They have an open back, which typically tends to ruin the bass sound, but this is not the case with this particular model. The low ends are not super powerful and they won’t suffocate the other sounds, but rather give just the right amount of attention to every bass punch there is. This doesn’t mean they lack depth – on the contrary, this makes for a rather comfortable listening experience for your ears, which tends to be somewhat hurt when the bass is too prominent. The high cymbals are clear and just sharp enough, and mid-tones are perfectly emphasized. The treble is detailed and if there are vocals they aren’t being suffocated by the other sounds.


The only problem? If you plan on playing the music on really loud, you should get an amplifier, as these are amongst the quieter models. Despite that, they get the A+ in this field without any doubt.


The flaw of the most open-back designed headphones is the lack of isolation. Sadly, this is a bit of a problem with this model as well, but it’s not as prominent as you would expect. They will block most of the outside noise, and only the loudest of sounds can go through. This is the same with sound leakage. The people sitting right next to you on the bus will most likely know exactly what you are listening to, but no one else will unless your volume is turned above the safe volume. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you are alone in your room or a studio, but if you are in a crowded place, you might have to keep the volume down a bit.


These headphones don’t look comfortable at all. However, this is exactly what they are, which shouldn’t be a surprise as Beyerdynamic is a brand that is known to provide comfortable and easy to use products. They have big and soft velour pads which are extremely clean and hygienic. Your ears won’t sweat at all while wearing them, even during the hot summer days. At the same time, they are lightweight and have the elastic headband that won’t clutch to your head too tightly. This way, you won’t be hurt by them, but they will remain on your head without the risk of falling off. Be careful though – they are so unnoticeable while you’re wearing them that it’s easy to fall asleep with them on! In short, they are perfect for those long hours that you will spend drumming, no matter the conditions.



These are made in Germany, and this alone should say a lot about their quality. Don’t let their lightweight fool you. The DT 990 Pro model is constructed completely from composite plastic, steel, and aluminum, which makes them one of the most reliable models out there. The only reason they aren’t heavy is because of their smart design, which is quite minimalistic and simple. The headband is made from spring steel which is wrapped in removable padding, the anodized aluminum forks are slim but solid and the velour ear cups are soft and made from a material that isn’t easily torn. Another good thing is that almost all parts on these headphones are replaceable, but you most likely won’t require spare parts.

Portability and Connection

These headphones come with single-sided cable and they are not meant to be carried around a lot. The cable is long enough for most people – it has a length of 3 meters (9.8 feet), which allows you to move more than with most other wired headphones. You will also get a 6.3 mm adapter included with your order, which means that you can plug them into any device that has a headphone jack.

When it comes to portability, these headphones aren’t made to be portable. They are intended to be used in a studio and to be left there until you come back the next day. They don’t fold and the cable connector does look a bit fragile. Despite being light, they aren’t small, so we wouldn’t recommend moving them around unless necessary. Also, the long cable isn’t made for listening to the music while you’re hitchhiking or riding a bike outside.

How Does It Stand Out?

Studio sound

The DT 990 Pro model is made to be used professionally, in a studio, and its sound quality resonates with that. They have a three-dimensional sound reproduction and bigger than average tonal depth that helps with the mixing, as they can notice even the smallest sound changes.

Extreme Comfort

The design enables the user to enjoy the music without even feeling the headphones on them. This is greatly helped by the leather headband and velour earpads, but the single-sided cable also helps, as it won’t get tangled easily.

High-quality design

The DT 990 Pro model is made in Germany – as is the case with most other Beyerdynamic headphones. This ensures the high quality of each product. They are made of hard plastic, aluminum, and steel, which enables them to last for years with very low maintenance.


Will these make you fatigue you quickly?

This is a common problem with any headphone kit that has very fast treble, but if you have a problem with this, you can simply use an equalizer and the problem will be solved.

Does the sound leak?

As is the case with all open-back headphones, sadly these do leak. However, these headphones aren’t made for everyday use, so this shouldn’t be a problem. The open-back serves to provide a more realistic and natural sound, which is what is needed for studio use.

Can I use them on my laptop or an iPhone?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. These aren’t made to be used for casual listening to the music but rather for mixing and sound recording, so you would most likely be needing an amplifier for them to sound great.

Are these good for gaming?

Yes, they are, as long as you use an amplifier. They are extremely comfortable, which means you can play your favorite game for hours without your head or ears hurting. But keep in mind that the headphone doesn’t have a built-in microphone.

Can the ear pads be replaced?

Yes, they can. You can order the spare ones directly from the brand’s website or Amazon, but you most likely won’t be needing them for at least a few years.

What are the earcup dimensions?

The earcups have an inner diameter of around 2 feet 5 inches, so they will fit most ears without any problem.


The Beyerdynamic is a brand that always takes good care of its customers, and these headphones are no exception. The sound quality is astonishing. Beyerdynamic DT 990 is perfect for both mixing and recording, and if you buy an amplifier you have bought yourself a fine pair of gaming headphones, all for the price of one. These headphones are extremely comfortable and you can wear them throughout the whole day. The headphones are made of high-quality materials and almost every part of them can be replaced, which means that one pair can last for years. The only downsides are the lack of noise isolation and portability, but for a studio headphone set that comes at a price of around $129, you get what you’ve paid for – and even way more.

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