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Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review: A Stylish Humidifier

Crane is one of the more famous brands that usually doesn’t disappoint with their products. One of their prettiest designs is definitely the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier that is also known as the “Crane Drop” due to its resemblance to the droplets of the water.

This filter-free cool mist unit is supposed to be one of the best products out there for humidifying larger rooms, while also remaining nice to the eye. It is allegedly very quiet, has an automatic shut off function and a fair price point. As to prove (or disprove) these claims, we have decided to put it on a test and see if it really stands to its reputation.


Being a standard size, this unit can accommodate 1 gallon (3.78 liters) of water, which allows for around 24h of continuous mist. It offers variable output settings thanks to its adjustable knobs that make it easy for you to control the exact humidity levels in the room.

When it comes to the maintenance, not only that the unit has a water level sensor, the reservoir tank is transparent, which is of great help for monitoring the water levels in it – though the unit will turn off on its own once the water is depleted, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it turned on during long night sleep. If you want to refill it, though, you’ll have to remove the tank from the base and turn it upside-down, which can be a challenge to some, but the overall process isn’t complicated and the lid isn’t heavy so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.


As its name says, The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier uses ultrasonic technology which helps the device make almost no noise at all, so it won’t disturb you during your work or relaxation period. This is another time when the automatic shut off option comes to hand, as you can freely forget that you have turned the humidifier on and be comfortable that it will turn off once the water levels are down to zero. Also, it being whisper quiet (with only occasional bubbling noises) makes the unit bedroom friendly, as you most likely won’t hear it operating at all even if you are a light sleeper. Even your kids won’t pay any attention to it working! This makes it not only a safe and natural but also a completely unnoticeable device for creating peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for your whole family, while at the same time providing you with better health and cleaner air.


The output is predicted for rooms that are up to 500 square feet (152 meters), which makes it great for medium to large-sized rooms. This is great as most humidifiers don’t cover that much area without having to be moved around, so if you have a big house or maybe just a spacious living room, this could be the device for you.

It also has a 360-degree lid which sprays mist in all directions. This may be a problem for some who want the mist to blow at a specific route, but at the same time, it is an excellent solution for humidifying an entire room.

Not only that, but the unit comes in eight different colors! Perfect if you have a nicely decorated house and are picky about the device not fitting
in with the theme of the desired room. It is also fairly big, as its dimensions are 8.6 x 13.4 x 8.6 inches, and it weighs around 4.5 pounds.

How Does It Stand Out?

Optional demineralization filter

Despite this humidifier being filter-free, you can buy an optional HS-1932 filter that purify excessive minerals from your tap water.

Multiple color choice

This item can be purchased in eight different colors (some of them being white, blue, red, pink, green and yellow), which is a great choice by the designers as humidifiers often aren’t the prettiest part of your room.

Antimicrobial material

The device’s bottom comes with a clean control antimicrobial material, which serves as a type of filter that makes sure that the mist is free from any dangerous bacteria or mold.


Can you use aromatherapy oils with it?

No, this humidifier isn’t predicted to be used with any kind of essential or aromatherapy oils in it as oils can damage the plastic tank.

Is it easy to fill?

Despite it has to be filled from upside down, it isn’t hard to refill. The unit also has a handle, which makes it easier to use, and the humidifier can fit under the sink.

Is it quiet?

This model isn’t as quiet as some other ones, as you can hear an occasional gurgle, but you can sleep just a few feet from it without any problems at all.

Can I buy spare parts independently?

Yes. In case of anything breaks, there is no need to buy the whole product again, you can simply contact the manufacturer and they will inform you where you can buy the different parts of the unit.

Does it have any lights on it?

The device has a small light that goes from red to green and is always turned on, but it isn’t stronger than notification lights on any other similar device, so it won’t be a problem to use in the bedroom. If by some way this does bother you, you can always tape it.

What is the warranty provided with this model?

The product comes with a one year warranty.

How often should you clean it?

You should clean it once a week, but you don’t need to always be thorough with the cleaning process, as the antibacterial material on the bottom of it will stop most of the microbes. However you should also rinse out the fabric with vinegar and warm water every once in a while.


Having all this in mind, the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers is one of the better models out there. Its design is award-winning, and the multiple color options make it great for anyone. It is a natural alternative way to help your breathing problems or the congestion from the cold and flu. It’s durable, can contain a lot of water which provides a whole day of constant use, has a 360-degree misting option and it’s overall a great choice if you want to humidify a larger space.

The only problem is that it isn’t as quiet as some other models, but it doesn’t take a lot of space, which is a rarity for filters that are made for big rooms. Also, the warranty could be longer, but we don’t think that there will be any problems with the device even after the warranty time is out. Also, the possibility to add a filter on this filter-free unit makes for a nice touch, as it can help you get rid of the white residue that tends to come with using humidifiers.

Its price goes around $54.99, which is a pretty standard price for a humidifier of these specifications – not too pricy, but not cheap at the same time. Overall, this is a fine and stylish product that not only is useful, but also looks nice as a decoration.

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