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Keter Factor Large Review: A Shed That Is Strong and Not Too Imposing

The Keter Factor Large is a big resin shed with wide double doors, lots of storage space, and some wonderful features you’ll love. From its neutral color and wooden texture to its all around protection against the elements, this is a shed designed for long-term use while protecting all the contents inside. As a larger shed, you can store gardening supplies, tools, equipment, and more, plus there are several shelves to help organize your objects.

Quick Guide

Size: 101 x 71.5 x 95.5 in
Square Feet: 285
Material: polypropylene resin plastic, steel reinforcement
Features: weather resistant, waterproof, UV protected, windows and skylights, air ventilation, lockable doors


The Keter 8’x6’ Factor Large is a big shed mostly made from polypropylene resin along with steel reinforcement. Resin plastic has a number of benefits that are ideal for this outdoor structure. We’ll cover this more later, but one of the best benefits is that resin plastic is completely weatherproof. Wooden sheds look great, but they are damaged by the sun and moisture. Not plastic. This material can survive in almost any environment with ease.
Let’s also talk about toughness. Some people believe that plastic sheds are flimsy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Keter Factor shed is very sturdy. It will never peel, rust, or rot, and even putting a dent in it is tough. Whether you have roughhousing children or plan on doing lots of outdoor projects, any accidental bumps or hits shouldn’t damage the shed at all.

While this material is already highly durable, Keter added steel reinforcement for even more sturdiness and protection. This will ensure it doesn’t bend or break even in heavy winds and storms. If durability and practicality are your main concerns, then you can’t get better material than this.

Weather Resistance

Sheds have no choice but to stay outside and face the elements. While many people choose wood because it’s the traditional material, but in really isn’t that great against the elements. It fades and warps from the sun, absorbs water, and needs painting every few years. Now let’s compare that to the Keter Factor Large plastic shed.

Polypropylene resin doesn’t absorb any rain or snow. You’ll never have to worry about the shed swelling or rotting from water absorption, plus it will prevent water from seeping in and destroying your objects. For extra protection, the roof is sloped to naturally push away rain and snow during big storms.

What about the sun? Years of sun exposure can destroy weaker materials, but not this shed. It can withstand years of sun exposure and never weaken, lighten, or suffer any sun damage. Whether your summers are mild or terribly hot and inhospitable, this shed can take it all without any problem.

There’s also the wind. Some people face high winds that can blow over weaker structures. Plastic is naturally lighter than some other materials, so you might be realistically worried about this shed be taken by the wind and flying off. The Keter Large is rated against 65mph winds, which should be enough for most climates. This is thanks to its superior construction and the steel reinforcement definitely helps.

Storage Features and More

This fairly large shed offers 285 square feet of storage space and has numerous benefits and storage features. Starting from the outside, you can’t help but notice the wonderful taupe color and wooden texture. This allows the shed to work with all your outdoor decorations as it doesn’t overpower anything. You’ll also see the large double doors. Not only are they lockable for extra security and peace of mind, but they open widely so that you can easily access every area of the shed.


Once you step in you can breathe easily from the efficient ventilation. Some sheds feel stifling because the air is musty, but the Keter Large shed is ventiled so fresh air is always being filtered in. It’s also very easy to see from the windows and skylights. These allow sunlight to penetrate into the shed. Not enough to damage your items, but enough so that you can easily see everything during the day. Don’t worry about the skylight allowing water in, the interior is just as waterproof as the exterior.

You get two large shelves with adjustable brackets. This allows you to place shelves higher or lower depending on your needs. These shelves keep the floor clear for your bigger objects. Speaking of the floor, it’s been reinforced with a sturdy floor panel. You’ll have no problem parking heavy equipment in this shed and the floor will remain sturdy for many years.


Overall, the shed is incredibly durable inside and out. You’ll find that it can take many hits and won’t be damaged if you accidentally knock into a wall or drop a tool. The plastic floor and wall panels are designed for taking hits and bumps.

Best For

If you’re looking for a sizable shed, then the Keter Factor Large might be exactly what you need. It’s made for 285 square feet of storage that is waterproof and protected against the sun. This is a great material if you want a shed that’s practical while also being beautiful. The Keter Large has a wooden texture and taupe color that adds to your yard without being strong a presence.

On top of that, there are shelves to help organize your tools and accessories along with a durable floor panel that can take many hits without showing wear. It also makes it simple to see and breathe inside, which are necessary benefits that many first-time buyers don’t consider.

In general, this is an all-around best that is practical, beneficial, and will resist weathering and rotting. If you want a shed that will last for many years and have enough space for all your objects, then the Keter Factor Large is ideal.


What is the window made of and does it open

The window is made of durable resin and unfortunately it does NOT open.

How wide is the door opening?

The door opening’s width is 54.4″

What is the weight of this shed?

The total weight of Keter Factor Large Shed is 282 lbs, it comes in one box and packaging dimensions are 78.5″ W x 19.0″ H x 44.5″ D.


Resin sheds are among the best because they are very practical. They withstand the elements, last for decades, and are extremely durable. The Keter Factor Large has good storage space at 285 square feet, several adjustable shelves, and both a skylight and ventilation to make this very versatile and easy to use. If you want a shed that is strong and not too imposing, then this is the right one for you.

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