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Keter Manor Shed Review: A Compact Shed With Lots of Storage

From fertilizer bags and gardening tools to hoses or a lawnmower, the Keter Manor Shed is a compact and roomy shed that allows you to store all your essentials under one convenient roof. The Keter Manor is a surprisingly spacious shed with a number of benefits when it comes to weather resistance and longevity.

Quick Guide

Size: 51.2 x 75.6 x 78 in
Square Feet: 131.8
Material: polypropylene resin plastic, steel reinforcement
Features: fixed window, ventilation, lockable door, wood texture, skylight, low maintenance


Keter Plastic has been around since 1948 and has produced a number of plastic items, but today we’ll be discussing their Manor Shed. As a testament to their excellent work with plastic, this unit is crafted from the best polypropylene resin plastic. This is noted for being a very strong and durable plastic that is suitable for outdoor use as it maintains its shape and integrity even under extreme stress and weathering.


While many sheds are made from wood and it’s considered the traditional material, there are many problems with wood that you won’t face with resin plastic. Wood will rot with time, peel from sun damage, and dent if it’s hit. Resin plastic never rots or peels, and it’s incredibly difficult to dent (much harder than wood). It’s also resistant to the sun and all types of weathering (check the weather resistance section for more).

Another benefit is that resin plastic will never lose its color or texture. This particular unit is made in a medium gray with a wood grain texture pressed into the plastic. Unlike real wood that loses its texture over time as it wears down, this will always have that great wood grain look. On top of that, this plastic requires almost no maintenance outside of regular cleaning.

This material is highly durable on its own, but Keter thought it best to add steel reinforcement for even more durability. This makes the shed even more impervious to damage and allows it to stand up to blizzards and harsh, inclement weather. When you want a shed that can stand up to time, one that can be passed down, then the Keter Manor Shed is a great choice.

Weather Resistance

A shed will always be outdoors, so it has no choice but to face the elements. From the blazing sun to the soaking rain to the bitter winters and falls, a shed must stand up to nature. Polypropylene resin plastic is a hardy and rugged material that isn’t going to fail even in harsh environments. If you care about longevity (and who doesn’t?), then you want a material that will be around for many years.

Plastic resin is good for all the seasons and we’ll cover all the worst weather conditions and why the Keter shed can stand up to them. Starting with summer, the sun feels great until it gets too hot and starts burning your skin. Resin has no problem standing up to the heat, even as the red goes higher and you’re hitting record breaking temperatures.

The sun can discolor and damage many materials, but not plastic. It will maintain its color even after many years and the sun won’t weaken the plastic in any way. Another benefit is that resin absorbs very little heat, so the walls and door won’t feel hot when you touch them, plus the heat shouldn’t damage your stored supplies and equipment.

We then have rain and snow. Many materials are destroyed from excessive moisture, but not plastic. The Keter Manor Shed won’t absorb either rain or snow, and the roof has a slight angle to keep the shed from being overburdened. You might have to clear off some snow if it’s thick, but otherwise the shed should remain free from rain and snow.

From high heats to bitter colds, the Keter Manor will withstand everything nature can throw at it. It also has excellent wind resistance for even more protection.

Storage Features and More

The Manor Shed is compact but surprisingly spacious at 131.8 square feet of storage. There aren’t any shelves unfortunately, but there are numerous features that make this shed wonderful for storage. The door is lockable for extra security. Simply use a padlock and keep people out unless they have the key.


There is a fixed side window along with an air vent at the top of the roof. These are great for hot or wet days as they filter in air and prevent the shed from feeling musty or stifling. Have you ever gone into a shed and felt the air get sucked from your lungs? You should never face this problem with the Keter Manor.


Lighting can be an issue for some sheds. Windows are great, but they only let the light in from one angle and there are often dark spots. This shed also has a skylight on the roof that lets the light in, but nothing else (critters, rain, snow, etc). You should have no problems seeing everything when you open the door. Speaking of which, the door opens widely so you can easily step in and get whatever you need.

Best For

The Keter Manor Shed is best for those who want a compact shed that doesn’t take up too much room in the yard, but allows you to store a good amount of equipment, tools, and other objects. It’s also good for every environment and season, plus the wood grain texture adds value to your yard and this shed won’t wear down for a number of years.

This is made for those who want a tough, compact shed that does its job and remains sturdy throughout the years. You’ll also love how easy this shed is to maintain because it only needs a cleaning every now and then, nothing else.


Is it water proof?

The shed is weather proof and will last through rainy winters just fine.

Can i place the window on either side?

Yes, the windows are interchangeable, you can place them on either side.

How wide is the door opening?

The door opening is 24.5″ in W and 65″ in H.

How heavy is the shed?

The total weight of the shed is 157.7 lbs.

Does the window open?

No, the window does not open.


The Keter Manor Shed is a sturdy unit that withstands the elements, holds all your tools and supplies, and it fits neatly in your yard with ease. From being very versatile to having great features like the skylight, window, and lockable door, this is a shed worthy of your attention.

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  1. Is it possible to get this shed in a shorter size? Our HOA is very picky and we need this width but it can’t be seen above our 6 ft fence.

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