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Keter Oakland Shed Review: A Shed with Premium Look and Feel

The Keter Oakland Shed is a super rugged structure that looks fantastic and will hold up against extreme elements like harsh summers and snowy winters. Not only that, but there are a number of great features that you’ll love. Keter has been in business for a long time and it shows with this shed. It has an amazing wood grain texture that looks and even feels real, which is hard to find with plastic sheds.

Quick Guide

Size: 90.2 x 137.8 x 95.3 in
Square Feet: 529.2
Material: Duotech, double-walled resin, steel reinforcement
Features: drillable and paintable, skylights, windows, ventilation, easy to assemble, low maintenance, natural feel


There are many resin and plastic sheds and they have tons of benefits, but you’ve never seen a plastic shed like this before. The Keter Oakland Shed is made from Duotech double-walled resin. While any resin can be pressed with a realistic wood texture, the illusion is ruined as soon as you touch the shed. Not with the Oakland shed.


Duotech feels just like real wood and functions much like it, too. The only major difference is that you get all the benefits of resin like extreme weather resistance and longevity. The material itself will also never rot, peel, or warp. Much like real wood, you can paint and drill this material to customize the shed. You can’t do that with conventional plastic.

You’ll also find that Duotech is UV-protected. Unlike wood, which can be damaged after years of sun exposure, this shed can withstand many years of sunlight without ever peeling or getting weaker. While the paint might fade (this is more of a paint issue than a shed issue), the shed material itself with never discolor.

While this resin is very durable and can stand up to almost anything, Keter decided to reinforce it with steel for even more strength. This ensures the shed can take even harsh winds and many hits without any damage. If you want a shed that looks and feels great, but lasts forever, then the Oakland model is exactly what you need.

Weather Resistance

The Keter Oakland Shed might look and feel like it’s made from wood, but you get the rugged weather resistance of resin. That’s a good thing because sheds have to face the elements on a daily basis. No matter what season it is and whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny, this shed can face the elements without any difficulty.


Wood might absorb moisture, but Duotech won’t. It doesn’t matter if you have heavy snowstorms during the winter or lots of rain throughout the year, this shed can take it all. None of the moisture will be absorbed and none of it will leak in and damage the enclosed objects and supplies. As an added benefit, you may have noticed the sloped roof. This was purposefully designed to allow snow and rain to fall right off so that the shed isn’t weighed down.

The sun can cause damage, especially after years and years of exposure. Many materials feel the sun’s wrath and show it by peeling or getting softer and weaker. Not the Keter Oakland Shed. While Keter can’t guarantee the paint’s condition (that depends on the paint), the Duotech material will never weaken from the sun, nor will it ever discolor. It will maintain that same rich color throughout the years without ever fading.

This shed is also highly resistant against the wind. Unless you have hurricanes on a constant basis, you should never have to worry about this shed blowing over or even budging from the wind. It’s ideal for all seasons and climates.

Storage Features and More

The Keter Oakland Shed has many features that enhance storage and overall usefulness. First thing to cover is shelves. Unfortunately there aren’t any. Usually that’s the end of it, but remember that the Oakland can be drilled in to. This was a conscious decision as it allows you to install your own shelves wherever you’d like, allowing you to customize the large interior.


This is a massive shed with 529.2 square feet of space for storage. Not only can you store all your tools, equipment, and accessories, but the interior is light and airy with the windows and ventilation. Speaking of light, the windows and skylights allow more natural light to come in for better visibility.

Assembly is very simple and can be done within a matter of hours. This shed adds significant yard appeal as it looks and feels like wood, plus it has a charming Victorian aesthetic and can be painted any color you like. You can also modify the walls and material to change the shed in any way that you need.


The doors are lockable and are designed to open very widely for easy access. Whether you’re trying to get out a shovel or lawnmower, you’ll have no problem location and pulling out whatever you need.

Best For

Many people will love the Keter Oakland because of its premium look and feel. Plastic sheds are often utilitarian. Wonderful against the elements, but lacking the charming feel of wood. You get both benefits here. The shed feels like real wood, but you get all the benefits of resin plastic.

Not only that, but it’s massive, so it’s great if you need lots of storage. The design is Victorian inspired and it’s bright and airy inside. You should have no problem breathing fresh air and seeing what you need inside the shed. As an added benefit, you can paint and drill the material, features you don’t get with most other resin sheds.

This shed is ideal for those who want a premium unit with many benefits and features.


How does the shed get delivered?

The Keter Oakland Storage Shed comes in three separate boxes, one that is heavier than the other two. The total weight of the packages is 455 lbs.

How wide is the door opening?

The door opening of this shed is 58.5″ in W and 71.8″ in H. Big enough to fit everything you might like.

How many windows are there and do they open?

There are two windows, and they can be installed on either side, but they don’t open.

Can i paint this shed?

Yes, you can paint the shed’s panels, but not the doors, windows and the roof.


Keter has been in business for many decades and you can see their handiwork with the Keter Oakland Shed. This is a premium unit that not only lasts for many years and resists the elements, but it does so with a sense of style. From the realistic wood feel to the ability to paint and customize the shed, this is ideal for those who want only the best.

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