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Lifetime Shed 60001 Review: A Sturdy Shed with Good Storage Space

The Lifetime 60001 shed is highly versatile with two sets of double doors. This makes it easier than ever to access equipment and gardening supplies, Just like all the other Lifetime sheds, this is made of durable materials that are weatherproof and the shed is designed like a little house, which makes it a fantastic addition to your backyard.

Quick Guide

Size: 114 in. L x 89 in. W x 71 – 95 in. H
Square Feet: 71.25
Material: UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Steel, Polycarbonate
Features: 2 double doors, 6 skylights (2 large, 4 small), 2 shatterproof side windows, 2 screened vents, multiple shelves, lockable doors


The Lifetime 60001 shed continues the Lifetime tradition of using HDPE and other reliable materials that are ideal for sheds. The main material here is the UV-protected HDPE. This is thick and durable plastic that has been reinforced for extra sturdiness. Not only that, but HDPE is recognized as one of the best materials because it’s great at withstanding the elements and it won’t warp, splinter, or break under most conditions.


It’s also been treated to protect it against the sun with the UV-protection. Sheds are constantly being exposed to the sun and this can fade colors and warp material. However, the Lifetime 60001 is made to resist these damaging effects. This is a shed made to last for many years.

The walls have been reinforced with steel to prevent them from bending. Unlike other plastic vinyl sheds that feel a little bendy, the 60001 shed has incredibly sturdy walls that won’t budge when you push on them.

Lastly, the windows have been made from polycarbonate instead of glass. This material is just as clear and easy to peer through as glass, but it has one important advantage: it’s shatterproof. You’ll never have to worry about the window breaking and cutting you even if it’s terrible outside.

Weather Resistance

The great thing about Lifetime sheds is that they’re made to resist the elements. Unlike some sheds that are better for one season or condition over another, the Lifetime 60001 is made to resist just about anything. It doesn’t matter if you have terrible summers, rainy season, awful blizzards, high winds, or any other inclement weather. The 60001 is made to resist it all.

Let’s start with the heat and move into the cold. As we said before, this shed is made from UV-protected HDPE. This resists the damaging effects of the sun. You’ll never have to worry about this shed losing its color or warping from heat. Not only that, but HDPE absorbs very little heat. This means the shed won’t be stifling and your stored equipment and objects shouldn’t suffer from the heat, either.

Rain happens throughout the year and this shed is made to resist it. HDPE is waterproof and you should never have to worry about a leak. The high-pitched roof is sloped so that rain easily falls off and is swept away from the shed. This means it will never get weighed down and collapse, even in hard storms. Speaking of water, the floor is slip-resistant if you accidentally track any water into the shed.

The same is true for snow. The sloped roof should prevent snow from collecting and weighing down the shed. Much like with water and heat, HDPE is resistant to cold and gives you the same reliable performance regardless of the season.

This shed can resist winds up to 65mph, which should be more than enough for most areas unless you have a hurricane every other day.

Storage Features and More

This medium-sized 71.25 square feet shed has a number of features that you’re sure to love. Starting from the exterior, this shed has two double doors to make it more accessible. These doors are lockable and make it simple to get that lawnmower, snowblower, wheelbarrow, or other equipment out from the shed. This also makes it easier for multiple people to get objects at the same time, ensuring your projects get done in even less time.


You get customizable storage with multiple shelves that you can place in different locations. You get one 90”x9” shelf that is large enough to hold a variety of objects like a watering can, leaf blower, and more. There are four corner shelves that can hold other items, and two peg strips that you can hang tools from. This ensures the floor is clear for larger items like a snowblower or lawnmower.

It’s all secured with the two lockable double doors. This makes it easy to access your equipment, even if two people are working on a project. These doors have been reinforced with steel to make them more durable.

Most sheds force you to rely on the windows for lighting. While the windows here certainly help, there are also a total of six skylights that let even more light in. This ensures you can easily see where everything is. There are also screened vents that prevent the shed from getting stifling even if you’re in there a long time.

Best For

This is a medium-sized shed at 71.25 square feet, which should be good for small families or if you only have about two or three big pieces of equipment (like a lawnmower or wheelbarrow). While it’s not the largest shed in the Lifetime line, you’ll be surprised how roomy it looks inside and the numerous storage shelves help you organize all your items.

One of the best features are the two double doors. This makes it easy to access the shed from two areas (which is perfect if you’ve setup a project near the shed or have multiple people accessing the shed).

Since it’s made from steel-reinforced HDPE, this shed is ideal for multiple environments and seasons. It should last a long time in almost any area regardless of weather.


How big is the door opening?

The door opening of the Lifetime Shed 60001 is 4 ft. 8 in. W x 6 ft. 4 in. H.

How is the item delivered?

The Lifetime shed 60001 comes in two separate heavy boxes, two adults can easily move these around.

Do the windows of this shed open?

The windows next to door won’t open, but the rear window will open half way.

I don’t need the side door, can i order without it?

Yes, you can order without the side door, however the model number is 60005 and the side door is the only difference between the two models.


If you want a sturdy shed with good storage space and two double doors, then the Lifetime 60001 shed is exactly what you need. Not only is it highly versatile, but it’s a beauty and built like a little house, which adds appeal to your backyard.

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