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Lifetime Shed 6402 Review: A Low-maintenance Shed that Won’t Peel

If you want a low-maintenance premium shed that’s easy to care for, then the Lifetime 6402 shed is exactly what you need. Not only does it look great, but it has a good amount of space for equipment and other items along with numerous features you’re sure to love. From looking great in your yard to being resistant to weathering, this is a wonderful shed you’re sure to love.

Quick Guide

Size: 90″ W x 144″ L x 70″ – 94″ H
Square Feet: 90
Material: UV-protected high-density polyethylene, steel wall support, polycarbonate windows
Features: 2 shatterproof windows, high-pitched roof, lockable doors, 5 skylights, 2 screened vents, multiple shelves


Lifetime is known for using a variety of wonderful materials and it’s easy to see why. The Lifetime 6402 shed looks beautiful, but under the hood this shed is a collection of very practical materials that will last for many years.


The most common material here is UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The UV-protected portion refers to how the material is protected against UV damage. Your shed is going up against the sun most of the day. The sun can damage materials, warp them, discolor them, and ultimately reduce the longevity of your shed. However, the 6402 shed is made to resist the sun and it won’t warp or discolor for many years.

The HDPE is basically thick plastic that is specially made for durability and strength while being lightweight. This material can take a beating and it’s going to last for many years even in harsh environments. Not only that, but you’ll never have to worry about HDPE peeling, splintering, or having major structural problems under normal circumstances.

A fair amount of steel is used here to support the walls and doors. You already know how strong steel is, I don’t need to sell you on its durability. It helps this shed stand up to strong winds and improves the overall structure.


Lastly there is polycarbonate for the windows. It’s just as clear as glass, but it has one very important advantage over glass. Polycarbonate is shatterproof. You’ll never have to worry about the material shattering and cutting you, plus it can take a hit much better than glass.

Weather Resistance

No matter where you live, everyone faces harsh weather at some point. Some people have rainy season, other people have very bad summers, and others still face snow and blizzards. So, how does the Lifetime 6402 shed hold up? Very good. Lifetime is known for making versatile sheds that are good in nearly all areas.

Let’s take it from the top, and I mean from the roof. The high-pitched is made that way on purpose. It’s designed so that rain and snow easily fall off the shed and onto the ground, ensuring the shed doesn’t get weighed down by the precipitation. Whether you get the occasional storm or a full rainy season, the shed should withstand all the water and snow with ease.

What about harsh summers? We’ve covered how the UV-resistant material withstands the sun. You shouldn’t have to worry about the sun damaging or discoloring your shed, which ensures it looks good for a long time. More than that, the HDPE doesn’t absorb much heat. This means it shouldn’t be sweltering in the summer.

How about strong winds? Don’t worry, the 6402 shed can withstand that, too. This shed is rated to withstand winds up to 65mph, which should be fine nearly anywhere. Unless you have hurricane force winds (which start around 75mph) on a daily basis, the 6402 shed should be perfectly fine in your yard.

Storage Features and More

We’ll start with storage and then move into the other features. You get multiple shelves here and there is some room to customize the storage by moving the shelves around. The largest is a 90”x9” shelf that can hold a variety of larger items. You also get two large 30”x10” shelves and two corner shelves. This should ensure the floor is clean and you can easily place many objects in your shed without it getting cluttered.


The overall storage area is about 90 square feet, which should be ideal for most families. While there are larger storage sheds, this is good for storing equipment like a lawn mower, wheelbarrow, and more. The shed is quite spacious inside and you won’t have to duck down while getting whatever you’re looking for.

Sheds can sometimes be dim, especially since you have to rely on the sun for lighting (unless you put an actual light in the shed, which is rare). Along with the polycarbonate windows, you also get five skylights to help filter in the sun while keeping out rain and snow. This makes it much easier to see inside the shed, especially if you’re looking for something small.

The doors are centralized and quite wide because this allows you to equally access all areas of the garage. You won’t have to worry about equipment getting stuck or being hard to pull out or put back in. This is made for those who frequently use their shed and don’t want to waste time getting their items and equipment.

Best For

This is a low-maintenance shed that won’t peel, discolor, or warp, plus it has a good amount of storage space at 90 square feet. One of the best things is that this shed works well in almost all climates. It can resist the sun, rain, winds, snow, and more, making it a good all-around shed for most small families or anyone with outdoor equipment. It’s also great for gardening supplies.

It’s also very attractive and will make your backyard look better than ever. It’s like a little house and you’ll be proud to show it off.


How long does it take to assembly the Lifetime 6402?

It takes about 5-6 hours to assembly the shed with 2 people.

Is the shed waterproof?

All the Lifetime sheds are weather-proof, however not water-proof. That means water can get inside through the bottom of the double-door if there is an excessive amount of water, it is best to build it on a concrete pad that is built above the ground to avoid water coming into the shed.

Does it come with flooring?

Yes, it comes with a UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) flooring, however you need to provide the platform/foundation it needs to be built on.

How is the shed delivered?

The Lifetime 6402 shed comes in 2 separate boxes, both are heavy but two adults can move them around easily.

Can i place the windows on the same side?

Yes, you can put the windows wherever you like.

What are the minimum and maximum heights of the interior area?

The shed has a minimum of 70″ and maximum of 94″ interior height.

Can this shed be moved easily if we wanted to?

Although it is possible, that’s something you wouldn’t want to do it, it is more of a hassle to take it apart than putting it together, but if you really wanted to do it, you would need to start in reverse order and number your pieces.


The Lifetime 6402 shed is wonderful for storing your equipment and it has numerous shelves along with a variety of benefits. From strong walls to resisting most environments, this shed will work for nearly anyone. You get a good 90 square feet of storage, plus the lighting is wonderful and you’ll get years of use from this. Give it a try and see why Lifetime is one of the top-ranked brands for outdoors sheds.

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