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Lifetime Shed 6446 Review: A Shed That is Durable and Pretty

Are you tired of ugly sheds? The Lifetime 6446 shed is a beauty modeled to look like a tiny house. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s highly functional with large centralized doors, multiple shelves, shatterproof windows, high-pitched roof, and many other features. This shed is made to last and keep all your items safe from the rain, wind, and cold.

Quick Guide

Size: 90″ W x 174″ D x 70-94″ H
Square Feet: 108.7
Materials: High-density polyethylene, steel wall supports, polycarbonate windows
Features: skylights, shatterproof windows, screen vents, decorative shutters, shelves, corner shelves, slip-resistant floors


The Lifetime 6446 shed is made from several materials that are each optimized for their unique properties. The walls and roof are made from dual wall UV-protected high-density polyethylene. That’s a mouthful, but it’s a wonderful material and we’ll break it down. This is a very thick piece of plastic that is renowned for strength and durability while also being incredibly light. The UV-protection reduces sun damage so that the colors don’t fade too quickly, ensuring the shed looks good for a long time (plus, the sun won’t wear out the material for a long time).

There are also steel wall supports. This adds even more durability to the walls and ensures that they can withstand heavy winds and inclement weather. The lockable doors are also reinforced with steel to add durability and security.

lifetime 6446 windows

The last material is polycarbonate. This is used in the windows and is much more functional than glass. Polycarbonate is shatterproof, ensuring you never have to worry about the windows breaking or cutting you. This is just as clear as glass, so you’ll have no problem peering through the windows.

Weather Resistance

Whether it’s rainy, windy, or sunny, the Lifetime 6446 shed can withstand it all. The walls are strong enough to block winds up to 65mph, which should be perfect unless you’re always in a hurricane. The UV-protected material blocks sun damage. You shouldn’t have to worry about the material discoloring and it usually won’t get too hot inside the shed. Polyethylene usually doesn’t absorb too much heat.

That’s not all. This material doesn’t absorb water, so it’s also resistant to rain and snow. The high-pitched roof is designed to quickly drain rain and snow off the shed. This is important because rain and snow can weigh the shed down and cause damage, but the roof will ensure that (unless it’s a blizzard) the shed will be clear of the elements.

This is ideal for any environment and season. Whether it’s hot, cold, rainy, windy, or sunny, the Lifetime 6446 will get through it all with ease.

Storage Features and More

Sheds are made for storage. While we’ve gushed over how resistant and beautiful it is, the 6446 shed is also great when it comes to customizable storage. Aside from a large 108.7 sq.ft. interior, you also get a number of shelves that you can place in different areas (you can also order additional shelves if you need even more storage).

When it comes to shelving, there are two large 90”x9” shelves that can hold a variety of items. These are perfect for the bulk of your storage so that you can keep the floor clean for larger items like a lawn mower or snow blower. You can also four corner shelves for smaller items and two peg strips for tools and other small items you can hang.

Lighting is difficult for many sheds. Few sheds have actual lighting, so you have to rely on the sun. While the windows help, the Lifetime 6446 has six skylights that let even more light in. You also get two screen vents to keep the shed from becoming stifling.


The centralized doors are fantastic because it makes it easy to access the shed, but more importantly, it makes it easy to take equipment in and out of the shed. How many times have you struggled to get a lawn mower out of your shed? You should never have that problem with this shed, it makes it easy to access equipment and move things around as needed.

Best For

The 6446 shed is a great all-rounder that excels in almost every area. It has good space at 108.7 square feet (plus it looks really big on the inside), plus it comes with numerous shelves that are customizable and large enough to keep the floor clean of smaller items.

If you want a shed that looks sophisticated, then the 6446 is also great because it has a wonderful design that is highly functional and adds value to your backyard. The walls are a bright white while the roof is a nice blue. These contrasting colors make the shed really stand out and it deserves to. The design is worth highlighting, but it’s more than a beauty.

The UV-resistant material ensures the walls and roof won’t warp or fade for many years (unlike wood and other materials), and the roof is deeply angled to prevent rain or snow from collecting. This improves longevity while also making the shed look even better.

There’s really no area where the Lifetime 6446 suffers. Everything is fantastic and this will work for just about anyone. Unless you need more room, and some people will, this is one of our favorite sheds and soon it will be your favorite shed, too.


How is the shed delivered?

The Lifetime 6446 shed comes in 3 separate boxes, 1 is heavy other two are relatively easier to carry. It would be useful to have a hand truck, or at least 2 more people to carry the heavy box.

Can you order the shed installed?

As mentioned in the previous question, the shed comes in 3 boxes, unassembled. You would need to install it yourself or find a local handy man.

What is the best surface to put it on?

Although you can put Lifetime 6446 on a wood base or crushed stone, it is best to place it on a concrete pad that is built above the ground to avoid water coming into the shed.

How big is the door?

Door opening dimensions are 4 ft. 8 in. W x 6 ft. 4 in. H

Is the manual easy to follow

Most people with experience will find it easy to follow and install the shed, you can find the manual online here

Can this shed be moved easily if we wanted to?

Although it is possible, that’s something you wouldn’t want to do it, it is more of a hassle to take it apart than putting it together, but if you really wanted to do it, you would need to start in reverse order and number your pieces.


The Lifetime 6446 shed is practically a piece of art that will add value to your backyard. Not only does it look fantastic and just like a little house, but the inside is quite large and there are many shelves to take advantage of. From customizable storage to some of the best materials you can find, this is a wonderful shed that is best for just about anything.

Whether you want to store equipment, tools, or anything else, this shed is resistant to the elements, won’t get too hot, and you’ll be happy seeing it in your yard. Give it a try and see why this shed tops the charts.

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