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Best Outdoor Storage Sheds: Lifetime vs. Suncast vs. Keter Shed

Every home could use from that extra bit of outdoor space that a storage shed provides. The right outdoor shed should fit smoothly with the surroundings, provide ample space to keep the clutter out of your life, and be worthy of your time and money.

Shopping for an outdoor storage shed deserves your full attention. It is a decision that can cost you from as little as a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands or even tens of thousands. When choosing an outdoor storage shed, prioritize your needs and expectations and do thorough research to ensure the product delivers on its promise.

What are Outdoor Storage Sheds Good for and How do you Choose one?

As the name suggests, outdoor storage sheds are designed to turn an otherwise empty space into a protected storage area. What and how you choose to use this space is completely up to you. You could use the shed to store your tools, furniture or anything else you need to put away. Alternatively, you could turn it into your own personal piece of space. A place to be your workshop, office, or simply somewhere to escape to enjoy a cup of tea in peace.

Thankfully, there is plenty of choice of outdoor storage sheds on the market to find the one that fits your own personal needs. In fact, you might find it a little overwhelming when you get flooded with various sizes, shapes, colors and materials among others. To help you narrow down your choices, use the following considerations:

What’s your budget?

You need to at least have a rough idea of how much you are looking to spend on an outdoor shed. Always buy the best quality you can afford. An outdoor storage shed can completely transform your yard and should last for years to come. So don’t let the price tag be the only determining factor, but one to start with. An allocated budget will also save you time. If you decide you don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on the shed, you will not spend time looking up sheds in the $10,000 price range.

What size do you need?

You need to select the size that suits your needs as well as fits in the place you wish to place it. Sheds on the smaller sizes come at 3 by 7 feet which gives you basic storage, but not much room for a workspace. The medium sheds measure 10 by 10 feet and they provide more storage as well as a workspace. There are also sheds that can measure up to 20 by 40 feet and those would require professional installation as well as a large yard.

Where will you place it?

You want to select a shed that complements the surrounding landscape, not look like it doesn’t belong there. A shed’s appearance is just as important as its purpose.

What material to choose?

In the outdoor storage sheds market, you can generally choose between wood, metal or vinyl resin. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages when compared to the others. Wood requires a bit more maintenance and can attract bugs. But it is also durable and easy to paint. Resin is not just another word for plastic. It involves another durable material. It doesn’t attract insects or chip away, but it also doesn’t have the quaint look and feel of wood. Metal sheds may not be the best looking, but they are light and easy to put together.

What kind of base does the shed need?

Not all outdoor storage sheds include a floor. Some models might sell the flooring separate as is the case with most metal sheds. Wood-sheds generally come with plywood flooring. But whether or not it comes with flooring, the shed should be assembled away from soil or wet ground. This helps prevent the corrosion of the shed as well as its contents. Concrete or compacted gravel provides a simple yet solid foundation.

Popular Outdoor Storage Shed Brands: Lifetime, Suncast or Keter

The best outdoor storage shed is the one that meets all your considerations. It should offer ample space for your needs, blend in with the yard and still look great five or ten years down the line. But even after narrowing down your selections, you will still likely be left with numerous choices of sheds that make the decision more difficult.

Before you start looking for an outdoor shed, you should have some basic knowledge about the suppliers on the market. While there are numerous choices available, some are more reputable than others. Among all these, three suppliers stand out from the crowd with the sheer volume of sales and positive user reviews for their products.

Lifetime Sheds

Sheds are just one of many products developed by Lifetime Products Inc, a privately owned company that was established in 1986. Over its 30 years of history, Lifetime products earned a reputation for their quality and durability. The company started out as a sporting goods store by producing basketball poles. Highly successful, it quickly grew in size and started manufacturing a wider range of products. With its expertise in plastics and metals, Lifetime created and patented different systems, such as “Quick Adjust”, the first adjustable basketball pole. It wasn’t until 2005 when Lifetime launched its line of outdoor sheds. Their outdoor storage sheds are low maintenance, do not require painting and are also very attractive. The company produces storage and garden sheds in different sizes, along with extension kits and accessories.

Suncast Sheds

Suncast Corporation was founded in 1984 in Illinois, USA. It is one of the leading manufacturers of wood and resin products that serve customers worldwide. Suncast sheds are known for their strength and stability, easy to use assembly with minimal tools and their balance of form and function. Their sheds come in various shapes and sizes to help you maximize the space.

Keter Sheds

Keter Group is the oldest and largest company from the top suppliers of outdoor storage sheds. Unlike its first two competitors, Keter Group is headquartered in Israel, not in the USA. It was founded in 1948 so they have an impressive history of more than 70 years in the resin-based consumer products industry. The company started out as a small workshop focused on producing plastic toys and housewares. It wasn’t until 1978 that Keter Group expanded its product lines to produce resin-made outside storage sheds. Their sheds are easy to put together, require zero maintenance and are weather resistant. Their wide range of durable and attractive sheds could be the solution to safely storing your belongings.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews

Lifetime 6446 Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 8 x 15 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 90” W x 174” D x 70-94” H
  • Features: 6 skylights, 2 windows, 2 vents, 2 shelves, 4 corner shelves
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: Great looking shed with a pitched roof that allows for water and snow to drain quickly.

The Lifetime 6446 shed model is large, attractive and weatherproof. Its door opening alone is a massive 4’8” by 6’4”. This makes it a piece of cake to store your lawnmowers, wheelbarrows or large furniture pieces. Inside, the ceiling measures 7’8” so that’s plenty of space even for your average-sized NBA player.

The shed is made of polyethylene, which is a popular type of plastic. It is UV protected and fade resistant which makes it look great years after assembly. It does not require any painting or shingling to maintain its look. It is also very easy to wash, a garden hose or power washer is all you need.
When you think of plastic, you probably think of light and bendy material. However, Lifetime 6446 shed uses both plastic and steel. It is the steel that gives the shed its sturdiness by reinforcing the doors and the roof. The shed itself weighs 602lbs (273kgs) after all the packaging is removed.


The shed gets shipped in four boxes and its shipping weight is a massive 751lbs (340kg). The instruction manual is not the easiest to understand at first. Thankfully, there are updated manuals available on Lifetime’s website if you were to do a quick search for model 6446.

The assembly requires two people as it involves long floor and roof panels. It can take up to 7 hours to put together, although some have done it in as little as 3 hours. It all depends on the level of skill, understanding and following the instructions and working well together. It does have over 200 screws and they all have somewhere to go so take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

The best way to start the assembly is to take out all the pieces from all the boxes. Group the same pieces together so you know where everything is when you need it. Then just follow the instructions book step by step. It is broken down into sections so you can put it together little by little.

But before you start to assemble the shed, you need to choose which type of subfloor you will use: concrete, wood or gravel. There are people who prefer to lay down cinder blocks and put a wooden platform on top of them. If you were to do this, make sure you lay the boards one foot apart to ensure the shed will be level and solid.

Other Important Information

  • The shed is completely waterproof and resistant to moisture year after year. It has a wind speed rating of 70 mph and does not get moldy.
  • The floor is slip-resistant and doesn’t get damaged by oils or solvents.
  • For some reason, there are no holes in the wall to put the shutters. Use outdoor glue instead of drilling holes because it might cause leaks.
  • Lifetime 6446 shed is completely waterproof so you will not get any leaks if assembled correctly.
  • It can hold electrical wiring if you decide to put some lightning.

Lifetime 6446 Conclusion

This is a big, spacious and very attractive looking shed. It is extremely important to use a strong, compacted subfloor to support the shed. It is incredibly weatherproof to keep your belongings dry and its large doors provide for easy access. All in all, a good buy if you are looking for a durable, large shed with very low maintenance.

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Lifetime 6402 Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 8 x 12.5 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 90” W x 144” L x 70-94” H
  • Features: 2 shatter-proof windows, large double doors, 2 screened vents.
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes:An attractive, UV-protected shed that is strong and durable.

The Lifetime 6402 is a very sturdy shed that requires almost no maintenance. Its walls are an inch thick and steel reinforced. The door is centralized and oval-shaped, measuring 6’1” at the highest point and 5;10” its lowest.

The doors latch closed and there is also a slot to put a padlock for added security. The floors are included and are high impact and slip-resistant.

There are plenty of shelves that are easy to assemble and built to hold strong items. There is one long 8 ft shelf at the rear, two 3 feet shelves on the walls and two corner shelves. That gives you plenty of choices to organize what you choose to store inside.

This shed is also UV-protected and resistant to weather damage. It is also easy to clean and it’s high pitched roof provides good drainage from water and snow.


The shed weighs 614lbs (278kg) and comes in two very heavy boxes. The shed is broken down into panels so you can move panels one by one to get to a more comfortable weight.

It can be assembled by one person alone but that would require a lot of patience. So two people are ideal to put the shed together. It doesn’t require any professional tools, just a screwdriver or better yet a power drill (used on low speed). It comes in handy to have some lubricants such as WD-40 which helps to make the screws go in easy. Not all the pre-marked holes are where they should be.

Lifetime 6402 outdoor storage shed can also be assembled in a narrow space. Over 90% of the assembly work is in fact done from the inside.

The floor that comes with the shed is made of plastic and is only as sturdy as the foundation used. A compacted and rigid foundation like wood or cement would be ideal. It is also very important for the floor base to be flat and level otherwise you will have a hard time putting the walls together.

It is not recommended to disassemble the shed once it is put into place. That’s because it uses metal screws that go in plastic panels. Some panels also snap together and taking them apart might break the tabs that hold them together.

Other Important Information

  • It is waterproof if assembled correctly. It doesn’t hurt to put some sealer around the floor base as a layer of extra protection for leaks from heavy rains.
  • If it’s humid outside, it will be humid inside the shed.
  • The windows open through an up and down sliding motion in a track. They do have a screw that locks the windows when tightened.
  • It comes with 5 small skylights.
  • It has a wind speed rating of 65 mph.
  • The steel-reinforced shelving is completely customizable.


The Lifetime 6402 model is a beautiful, detailed and eye-catching shed. It is made of durable material, has a simple design and provides ample space. It is easy to clean, UV-protected and waterproof. It can also be assembled by one person which is a nice option for those who like to work on their own.

It does have a couple of areas it could use some improvement. Some of the items can be quite difficult to install, such as the rods for the sides of the door. There is no way to adjust the door’s alignment after the shed has been put together.

This is a decent shed that does not need any painting and will definitely not rot. It could use with a few small improvements, but all in all, it is a good buy.

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Lifetime 60001 Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 10 by 8 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 90” W x 114” D x 70-94” H
  • Features: 2 sets of double doors, 2 shatterproof windows, 2 screened vents, lockable doors
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: A versatile storage solution that provides easy access and will not rot, rust or dent.

The Lifetime 60001 outdoor storage shed is stylishly looking and is equipped with a dual entry which gives you more access and flexibility. You can pretty much access anything in the storage from one end or the other. There is also an alternative model available, 60005, which is the same shed only with a single entry and measuring 8 by 10 feet.

It is constructed using high-density polyethylene plastic material that is reinforced with steel to give the shed its strength and durability. It is also UV-protected and it will never need painting and will not get rusty or moldy.

Like almost all other Lifetime outdoor storage sheds, the 60001 model is extremely easy to clean. All that is needed is a garden hose. It also comes with a polyethylene floor that is protected from possible spills or stains combined with its low maintenance level, this shed will look great year after year.


The Lifetime 60001 shed comes into two boxes weighing a total of 564lbs (256kg). While it can be assembled by one person, it does require two people to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the manual instructions that come with the shed are quite poor in detail. There are barely any words used, everything is shown in pictures that can often be confusing. It is also frustrating that some parts may be labeled with a number only to be assigned letters in the directions. This causes a lot of cross-reference checking that is unnecessary and time-consuming.

Thankfully, there is a pretty straightforward solution: download the complete written manual from the Lifetime website. It is a must to avoid any potential for making a mistake in the assembly process. There are also YouTube videos on “Building Our Lifetime Shed” that explains the assembly in its big picture and gives you a good start.

With the proper instructions, putting the shed together becomes much easier and stress-free. It is important to be careful when you put in the screws in the plastic. Especially if using a power drill, make sure it’s at a low speed as the plastic can and will strip quite easily.

Above all else, the foundation should be level so that the doors and roof panels align properly. It is also needed to maximize the shed’s sturdiness.

Other Important Information

  • The double doors are oval-shaped on top and measure 4 foot wide by 6 foot high.
  • The doors can be locked using the internal latching system.
  • It has a high-pitched roof that offers a generous 6’8” of headroom. It’s also on a steep incline which allows for quick drainage of precipitation.
  • The high-impact polyethylene floor cannot crack or peel. It is also slip-resistant.


It is a great looking shed that comes with good value for the money invested. It has a nice feature in its second door which makes the shed extremely versatile. The two skylights and two windows allow plenty of natural light in. The shed also provides plenty of room to store your belongings.

Some might find it difficult or even intimidating to assemble it due to the very poor manual instruction that comes with it. If you choose to buy the Lifetime 60001 shed, make sure you download the manual from the website and read it while waiting for your delivery.

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Suncast Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews

Suncast 6’ by 8’ Everett Vertical Storage Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 6 by 8 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 69 ½ ” W x 93 ½ ” D x 90 ¼ ” H
  • Features: a Reinforced floor that supports heavy items, series of skylights to let natural light in, lockable doors
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: A smart solution that provides plenty of storage opportunities for small or large equipment.

A stylish and sturdy shed, the Everett 6×8 model uses weather-resistant resin construction material to protect its contents. On top of that, it should not rust or rot and it is as easy to clean as it is to use.

The reinforced floor makes it possible to store heavy equipment, like a tractor, and it also keeps critters out. The doors come with easy to grip handles and they can also be locked for an extra level of security.


The shed is shipped in two boxes weighing 275lbs (125kg). The instruction manual is well laid out and easy to follow. Parts are correctly labeled and what’s on the list of parts corresponds with what’s shown in the assembly pictures.

The shed includes a proprietary wall screw part of Suncast’s easy bolt technology. On top of that you just need standard tools: a screwdriver, wrenches in common sizes and sockets.

Instructions call for two people to assemble the shed and it can be done in 2-3 hours. However, it can also be done on your own with a little extra work and patience.

The secret to a proper installation, where doors and roofs align correctly lies in getting the foundation right. As long as it’s level, you should not have any problems assembling the shed.

Other Important Information

  • It provides 306 cubic feet of storage space.
  • It has three skylights and windows above the doors which lets plenty of natural light in.
  • The door opening measures 57” in width and 72” in height.


This is a shed with excellent quality to price ratio. It is easy to assemble, durable and looks great. The shed’s structure is reinforced with a steel support to provide strength and stability.

The Suncast 6 by 9 Everett storage shed comes highly recommended by hundreds of happy customers. It is also available in two smaller sizes: 6×5 and 6×3.

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Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 53” W x 32 ½” D x 47 ½” H
  • Interior dimensions: 49” W x 28 ¼ ” D x 43 ½” H
  • Features: 3 door locking system for extra security and flexibility.
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: Durable by using multi-wall resin construction and reinforced floor.

Not all outdoor storage sheds need to resemble a house with windows, vents, and high pitched roofs. The Suncast BMS2500 shed is a perfect example of a low-profile design that can comfortably fit in many places and provide what it is intended to do: outdoor storage space.

It is durable, weatherproof and can hold quite a bit of equipment. You can store garbage bins, generators, lawn chairs, bicycles and other items.


The shed weighs 76pds (35kg) and requires at least two people for assembly as per the instructions manual. Despite that, some customers manage to single-handedly assemble it in under an hour from the first try. The instruction manual itself is not the easiest to read. You should pay extra attention to each diagram to make sure you understand it correctly.

The first and most important step: it is highly recommended to put the shed on a constructed foundation. Without one, there is the risk of settling which can cause distortion and damage to the shed. You can use 4” thick concrete slabs or a wood platform for best results. You should also anchor the shed’s floor panel to the foundation for stability.

From there you install the side walls by sliding them into the floor panel. Secure the panels with the bolts provided, working your way from the floor up to the roof.

Other Important Information

  • The multi-wall panels make the shed strong and stable.
  • The construction material is UV-protected and water-resistant. This keeps the shed in excellent condition year after year.
  • The lid can be locked for an extra layer of protection.


The BMS2500 horizontal storage is the second best selling shed by Suncast on Amazon and rightfully so. It is an attractive shed, easy to assemble, that provides ample storage space at an excellent price.

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Suncast 8’ by 10’ Tremont Storage Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 8 by 10 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 93 ” W x 117 ” D x 100 ½ ” H
  • Features: 6 skylights, 2 corner shelves that can be moved around, and lockable doors.
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: Elegant and sturdy shed that offers 574 cubic feet of storage space.

This is a large shed with a beautiful design that makes safely storing your essentials in an organized way a simple process. The corner shelves can be moved in between 8 different locations to give you flexibility.

It has six skylights as well as two rectangular-shaped windows above the doors that let in plenty of natural light. Its large double doors measuring 60” W and 72” H provide plenty of space to be able to move large items in and out.

The high-pitched, shingle-style roof panels are classic looking and allow for water and snow to drain easily. The functional vents provide air circulation and manage the inside temperature.


This is a large item that comes shipped in two boxes weighing 500lbs (227kg). The shed’s total weight comes to 384lbs (174kg) after all the packaging is removed. It definitely requires at least two people to assemble especially when installing the roof panels and the ceiling reinforcements.

Thankfully, the instruction manual is well put together, with all parts labeled correctly and diagrams making sense. There are a couple of steps that could be better explained or put in a different order to ease the assembly process, but nothing major.

The instructions say to use a hand screwdriver. However, with over 200 screws that might seem like a daunting task. If you were to opt for a cordless screwdriver or an adjustable torque drill, make sure to use one of the lowest power settings.

The instructions do a great job to walk you through the assembly process from the importance of building a solid base, to putting the last screw in. Do note, the instructions provided are for a wooden base so do expect to spend a bit more if you don’t have one already.

Other Important Information

  • The shed is constructed of blow-molded resin material. This ensures the shed will not rot or rust and makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • The roof is made of durable resin and its metal truss reinforcements make it sturdy and resistant to heavy snow and rain. Its wind resistance rating is 65mph.
  • The large double doors come with a padlock hasp which makes it easy to lock them up.


Another solid shed from Suncast, the 8 by 10 feet Tremont is durable and provides a generous 574 cubic feet of storage space. Its reinforced floor makes it suitable for moving heavy items in and out and also leaving you enough workspace.

Unlike similar sheds in size from Suncast and its competitors, this model is rather easy to assemble thanks to its thorough instruction manual. If you are in the market for a large shed, definitely keep in mind the Suncast 8 x 10 Tremont model.

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Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews

Keter Manor Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 4 by 6 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 43.7 ” W x 69.7 ” D x 74.8 ” H
  • Features: A fixed window, weather-resistant, UV protected, and waterproof
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: The shed will never rot, peel or dent and it does not need painting.

The Keter Manor shed is made from polypropylene resin plastic and also uses steel reinforcements to make it strong and lasting. It has 131.8 cubic feet of storage capacity and an average-height adult will find the ceiling is high enough to move around freely.

Its texture is wood-like which makes the shed easy to integrate with any home. It has a built-in window and while it does let natural light in, it still feels a bit dark inside.

It has a wood-like texture made of UV-resistant construction material that guarantees the shed will not fade or whiten after continuous sun exposure.

The Keter Manor 4×6 model is also available in a larger 6 by 8 size if you’re looking for additional storage capacity.


The shed gets shipped in one box and weighs 99lbs (45kg) once unpacked. The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow. It is a two-person job and expects to put it together in 2-3 hours.

The materials may seem light and cheap at first, but once put together it will feel sturdy. A garden hose is all you need to clean this shed that requires virtually no maintenance once assembled.

Some customers complain that this shed is not resistant to average wind speeds of 35 mph. Even customers who have just assembled it worry whether it would survive a storm. This is definitely a red flag, especially if you live in a windy climate.

To get the best results, make sure you assemble the shed on a strong and level base foundation such as wood, gravel or concrete. Avoid installing it on a grass or ground surface. It can also be moved around without the need for heavy machinery once it’s assembled.

Other Important Information

  • The floor panel is made of plastic and comes included with the shed.
  • It has a vent to allow air circulation but it can get pretty hot inside if under direct sunlight.
  • There is a lockable latch for added security.
  • There are no shelving options included with this model.


A decent shed that would complement any home and can fit in small places, the Keter Manor Shed does have some nice features that make it appealing. But there is also some doubt about its durability in the face of a strong storm.

It is a shed worth considering as it comes at a quality price for all that it has to offer. Despite the negative comments about its wind resistance, keep in mind that this model is the best selling shed on Amazon. While this doesn’t mean the complaints aren’t valid, it just means that its overall quality and reputation are nearly impeccable. It can’t hurt to contact the company directly if you need reassurance for the shed’s durability and warranty coverage.

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Keter Oakland Shed Review

  • Dimensions: 7.5 by 7 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 79 ” W x 79 ” D x 90.5 ” H
  • Features: One full length skylight, strong roof panel with a rafter beam reinforcement.
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: The double doors look like real wood and the window is in a Victorian-style.

This Oakland Shed by Keter comes in two larger sizes if you like the model but need more storage capacity: 7.5 by 9 and 7.5 by 11 models. It’s always good to be able to alternate the size once you find a shed model you like.

The shed’s wood-like texture makes it look natural and complement your house. It is also easy to paint if you wish to make it a shade that blends more in the surroundings.

Its talc-fortified wall panels and high-impact floor panel makes this storage suitable for moving and storing large equipment.


The shed gets shipped in two heavy boxes weighing a total of 308lbs (140kg). It does require at least two people for the most part of the assembly process because of the long panels involved.

There have been a few issues raised by customers in terms of the packaging. A few customers have reported the damage to the shed during delivery so do take the time to check the boxes carefully. Even so, all those customers gave the shed a thumbs-up thanks to the company’s customer support. That is encouraging but stronger packaging should be provided if delivery damage is becoming common.

A level and solid foundation are of utmost importance to make sure everything is aligned correctly and that there are no leaks whatsoever. The standard concrete or wood is good choice.

The pieces are well labeled and correspond in labeling throughout the manual. There are even additional screws and fittings in case you lose or break some and need some extra. Most of the items fit well together and the whole process resembles that of putting together a lego.

The only choice you have to make is on which side wall panel to place the window as it can be moved around. Other than that, everything can be followed step by step from the manual.

One challenge you might come across is getting all the roof pieces lined up and connected before screwing them in. It might require some extra adjusting, pushing and pulling to get it done as there seem to be some slight height variations in the height of the panels.

Other Important Information

  • The wall panels use the innovative DUOTECH technology to make it strong and give it its stylish wooden texture.
  • It has a built-in ventilation system.
  • It has one long side window which can be moved in from wall to wall but cannot be opened.


The Keter Oakland 7.5×7 gives your yard style and strength. It also gives you the choice to customize and paint the shed to the color of your liking. The big double doors and sturdy floor surface let you move heavy equipment around with ease and no damage.

It is a great shed from Keter, a company that once again excels through its customer support and a high-quality product.

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Keter Factor Large Review

  • Dimensions: 4 by 6 feet
  • Interior dimensions: 43.7 ” W x 69.7 ” D x 74.8” H
  • Features: A wooden texture that makes it easy to integrate into your yard.
  • Maintenance level: Low
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Other notes: Full-length skylight and shelf brackets provided.

The Keter Factor is an attractive shed that is easy to assemble and ideal if you have limited available width space but still need some storage. It comes in 5 different sizes if you want more choice: 6×3, 6×6, 8×6, 8×8, 8×11.

As its standard with Keter sheds, this model is made from polypropylene resin and realistic wood-like texture. It is sturdy, durable and it does not rot, peel or rust, unlike wooden sheds.

It provides 131.8 cubic feet of storage capacity and comes with shelving brackets. The shelves themselves are not included but the manual suggests using plywood.

The reinforced roof is very strong, weather-resistant and waterproof. The shed might need additional reinforcements, such as tie-down hooks if you’re installing it in a hurricane-prone area.


The shed weighs 139lbs (63kg) and two persons are recommended to make the installation as smooth and quick as possible. It can also be installed by one person with a little extra effort and time.

The instruction manual is excellent, detailed and explained step by step. This makes the assembly process easy to follow and not at all frustrating.

As with all sheds, the base foundation is crucial. It has to be level and of a solid element with wood and concrete being the most popular.

Once the foundation is in place, the floor panel goes on top and then the wall panels, doors and finally the roof is put into place. The whole process can take 2-3 hours for two people or 5-6 hours for one person.

Other Important Information

  • Double wall panels for additional strength.
  • In-built ventilation for airflow.
  • Full-length skylight that is very bright and resembles an electric light at times.
  • UV-protected, waterproof and resistant to weather damage.
  • It does not peel, rust or rut nor does it need painting.


Yet another excellent outdoor storage shed from Keter. It comes in many different sizes and it can fit in some awkward places.

It is attractive looking, extremely durable, and provides excellent storage space for your equipment and tools. Its reinforced floors will support heavy weights while its roof will ensure there’s no leakage.

It comes highly recommended for its ease of setup, appearance, longevity and affordability. There is no valid reason not to consider the Keter Factor Large as your outdoor storage shed.

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Final Thoughts

There is no magic answer to which is the best shed because it involves too many variables and personal circumstances. There is no outdoor storage shed that is best for everybody. There is only a shed that is ideal for your needs and your expectations.

Before you even start browsing around for outdoor sheds, you need to determine exactly what you are looking for. The size, intended storage use, brightness, durability, construction material, and entry points are just a handful of considerations that once answered will help you choose the right shed.

There are numerous shed manufacturers, each with numerous shed variations that make it feel overwhelming selecting one over another. That is why it is good to be aware of the most reputable and appreciated shed producers. Lifetime, Suncast and Keter are leading the industry in terms of volume sales and its sheds are well worth the investment.

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