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Opolar Filter-Free Digital Humidifier Review: A Humidifier That Doesn’t Look Like One

Futuristic and aesthetically pleasing, the OPOLAR Quietest Filter Free Digital Humidifier looks like something from the future. In fact, when you first take a look at it, you probably would never guess that it is, in fact, a humidifier. It has a digital display, it comes in black color, and you can easily mistake it for a bigger watch. This model is sure to catch your eye amidst all those other similarly-looking units on the shelf.


However, is it as futuristic when it comes to its performances, or does it work in a more old-fashioned manner? Keep reading to find out.


When it comes to the capacity, at first glance this unit doesn’t have too much to brag about. It can hold 3 liters of water (a little less than a gallon), which is nothing special. However if put on low settings it can hold up to 26h of constant work, which is a little bit more than you’d expect for that amount of water. In fact, when it comes to that, it has a digital timer thanks to which you can set up for just how long you want it to operate, after which the device will set the alarm and shut down soon.


The tank is fully colored in black, so you cannot see how much water is left inside. However, the large digital display will be sure to inform you how much time you have left and the percentage of water that is still in, and a beeping sound will let you know if the unit is empty.


Like many other models of this generation, the OPOLAR Filter-Free Digital Humidifier works on ultrasonic technology, so it is completely soundless. Its thick material also makes the occasional gurgling and bubbling sound almost unnoticeable, so you can freely place it even in your bedroom without fearing that it’ll keep you awake at night. If you think the bright digital lights on it can be a problem, don’t worry – there is a sleep mode, during which the unit goes completely dark, which renders the device to be almost completely invisible.

However, there is one problem with all this, and that is the built-in alarm system. The unit will keep on beeping repeatedly when out of the water unless you’ve set the timer beforehand. The noise won’t stop until you get up to turn it off, or unless you add more water. This still means that you have to put some thought into setting up the timer, or you’re in for a not-so-pretty beeping surprise late at night.


Despite being advertised as a device for medium to medium-large rooms (300 to 500 square feet of space), in our experience, it works best in small to medium rooms, especially if you want it’s digital LED display to show the accurate data. Via that same display you can set up the humidity level (the preferable moisture level of an indoor space is anything between 43% and 60%), which will help you in further determining for how long you want the set the timer on – it can time from 1 to 9 hour, which is a pretty nice spam.

The unit also has three adjustable mist levels, so you can set your spraying levels to low, middle and high to suit your degree of comfort. Not only that, but there are two nozzles that produce mist independently and can rotate for a full 360 degrees, so the vaporization is truly optimized to fit your every need.

How Does It Stand Out?

Digital Display

The unit has a unique LED display with a touchscreen and you control the whole device using it. It also adds to the device’s aesthetics, as it looks more like some sort of digital watch than a humidifier.



The OPOLAR Filter-Free Digital Humidifier also has a timer, so you can set the automatic turn-off at any time you’d like, even before the tank is fully empty.

Humidity Control

Using the digital display you can also set the preferable humidity levels of the room, which will make the humidifier automatically stop working when the desired humidity level is reached and then turn it on again when the moisture level drops 5% under the set level.

Sleeping Mode

The unit has a sleep mode which will turn off the digital display, making the device turn completely black so it won’t disturb your sleep.


How much water does it spray?

The unit outputs around 300 ml/hour of mist, which can hold over a span of 12 to 26 hours.

Does it have a built-in hygrometer?

Yes, this unit has a hygrometer built inside of it so it can measure humidity levels anywhere between 40%HR and 85%HR.

How difficult is the tank to refill?

Despite its modern looks, the unit isn’t hard to fill at all. You detach the water reservoir from the base and there is a hole on the bottom of it. The hole is rather small, but big enough for water from the sink to seep inside without any leakage.

How do you clean it, since the opening hole is so small?

This is a little bit of a nuisance, but nothing that a little vinegar and warm water can’t help. Besides, you can always use a small cleansing brush to reach the corners of it for a more detailed cleaning process. Also, if you use distilled water there is very little build-up.

Can I put this unit on wood furniture?

There is no visible leakage from the unit, however, we wouldn’t recommend putting it on wooden furniture as the moisture can be found on the container and its close surroundings.

Can I use tap water with it?

It is recommended that you use this device with distilled or RO water, however, it works perfectly fine with tap water, you just need to clean it a little bit more often so you get rid of the mineral residue.


This humidifier presents the newer generation of misting devices that maybe isn’t for everyone. If you prefer old-fashion units, then you will find yourself confused with all the beeping and display touching. However, if you can get past the dislike for modern technology, this is a great device for people of any age. The detailed information on the LED display give you full control of the air quality around you and you won’t need to use hygrometer with it to be sure if you’ve reached the optimal level of moisture. It is quiet, the sleep mode is there to ensure that you won’t be disturbed by the bright screen during the night so you can use it even in your bedroom, and the rotating nozzles, as well as multiple spraying levels, give you full control over the misting amount.

The only downside to this all is the constant and annoying beeping that you will hear every time when the device runs out of water. Luckily, the timer is there to regulate that as well, but this means that you have to think in advance when it comes to the duration of the device’s operating, which kind of ruins the relaxing aspect of everything.

The price is also a little bit higher and if you buy it from the manufacturer it can cost you even up to $106.99, but you can find it at a retailer for as low as $44.33, which is much more affordable price.

All in all, if you consider yourself to be a technology geek, this humidifier is the right one for you.

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