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Partu Air Purifier Review: An Air Purifier That Won’t Put a Strain On Your Wallet

FDA, FCC, and ETL approved, this medical-level air purifier uses an H14 HEPA filter, and a 4 stage cleaning system to keep your environment free of toxic pollutants. It will pick up large and fine particles, capturing 99.97% of dust mites, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and pet dander. It’s multi-layered filtration also traps gases, household VOC’s, and any unwanted odors from lingering in the air.


This air purifier from Partu gets good reviews so we wanted to see how it holds up to their competition. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this little wonder.


Specs & What’s In The Box?

Small But Powerful

While this isn’t the largest air purifier on the market, it packs a powerful punch to thoroughly clean your environment. Partu uses a cylindrical design, measuring 15.27 inches tall x 6.88 inches wide, and weighs a mere 5.5 lbs. The motor is designed to not only efficiently circulate air but also reduce the risk of a fire starting if the unit is left unattended. This purifier can also cover a lot of ground, fully cleaning rooms up to 160 square feet. In smaller rooms, its 360-degree circulation allows for quick cleaning of the environment.

High-Level Filtration

This air purifier has 4 stages of filtration and uses a medical-grade H14 HEPA filter for a high-level purification system. As the unit takes in air, the first filter it needs to pass through is a pre-filter. This will pick up any large particles like lint, pet fur, and hair, and we would recommend giving it a quick cleaning every other week so the unit can do its job free of any obstructions.

After that is the HEPA filter, which takes care of the majority of airborne pollutants. These can include dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander. The medical-grade quality also ensures it can capture fine particles as small as 0.3 microns for a thorough cleaning.

The third filter uses activated carbon to eliminate things like VOCs, odors, bacteria, and viruses. This is a huge game-changer for those who live in smokey environments or have pets that can funk up your home. Also, keeping bacteria and viruses under control means there is a less likely chance you will end up sick. This all-in-one filter is crafted with a membrane net and mesh scaffold for better efficiency, support, and lifespan.

Finally, the fourth stage in this process is the creation of anion, which uses negatively charged ions to neutralize dust without emitting ozone, which can be potentially harmful even in small doses.

What Makes It Unique?

Simple To Use

This is a very easy to use air purifier, and the only thing you need to do once you unbox it removes the plastic wrap that the filter is shipped with. There are simple controls on the top of the unit: on/off, light, anion, and speed. The light button allows you to control what color light comes out of the purifier. You can choose from 7 options, have them alternating or fixed, or you can turn the light off completely. The anion button will release negative ions to neutralize particles in the air for easier cleaning. While this unit meets safety standards, some people believe this is pretty much the same as ozone, and choose to use the purifier without anion. Finally, you get a 3-speed fan button for controlling how fast the room gets cleaned, and a filter replacement light will alert you when its time for a change.


Designed For Sleep

Air purifiers are designed to be used 24/7, so this one makes sure you can continue to run it safely while you are drifting off to sleep country. There isn’t a specific “sleep mode” button, but setting the fan to low will allow it to run at a 25 dB whisper, and you can turn off the light if you need total darkness to fall asleep.

Proper Portability

The diminutive stature and lightweight of this air purifier means that it can be easily picked up and moved by anyone, including the elderly. This makes cleaning your entire home a breeze, so you’re always breathing in filtered air no matter which room you’re in.


How often should I run this air purifier?

That all depends on the quality of air in the room. This purifier is meant to be turned on and left running for long periods of time. This will ensure the air in the room gets cycled and cleaned multiple times over.

How noisy is this air purifier?

Noisy is a relative term, but it is whisper-quiet on the low fan setting (25 dB), and barely noticeable on the maximum setting (48 dB).

What room size is this air purifier suited for?

Partu designed it to clean rooms up to 160 square feet in size. Smaller rooms will be cleaned quickly due to their small size. Larger rooms will take a bit longer as they have more air that needs to be filtered.

How often should I change the filter?

The filter replacement light will notify you when its time to swap out the filter, but you should get between 6 and 8 months of use from a single filter. Of course, this depends on how dirty the air in your home is. The good news is that the filter is priced around $20, so you aren’t breaking the bank every time you need a new one.

Should I be concerned using this purifier when I’m asleep?

The chances of anything bad happening while operating an air purifier overnight are slim. This is because these devices must meet strict safety requirements in order to be sold to the general public. Set the fan to low, turn off the glowing lights, and enjoy breathing in clean air while you rest.



While there are larger air purifiers that can clean quicker, this unit punches above its weight class and delivers the same results without putting a strain on your wallet. Anyone that is looking for an air purifier that can easily be moved from room to room should seriously consider this entry from Partu.

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