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Safety 1st Filter Free Humidifier Review: Quiet and Affordable

If you are a new parent looking for a humidifier, you’re guaranteed to have had your eyes stuck to the Safety 1st Filter Free Humidifier. In gentle shades of pink and blue, this unit is made for the likeness of people with babies, or simply people who love pastel colors. This humidifier is supposed to be easy to handle so it can give you a relaxing and soothing experience without having to make you go through too much trouble while maintaining it. In order to see if it is really a perfect fit for your children’s room, we’ve decided to put it to the test and review its capabilities.


This unit has a standard capacity of 1 gallon (approximately 3.78 liters). Despite this being a standard size of an indoor humidifier, this model has a smart tactic when it comes to its spraying volume, so it can hold up to even 36 hours of uninterrupted work! Yes, you’ve read that right, a whole day and a half of soothing mist to make your breathing easier and to give your nose and throat a relief you’re so eagerly desiring. It is made with your nursery in mind, so it should cover small to middle-sized rooms to help your child with their allergies and asthma. It also has a variable mist output, which allows you to control how much moisture your little one’s surrounding has.


The tank is transparent, in light shades of blue or pink, so not only it looks really nice but it can also show you the exact water levels while closed.


This device works thanks to the ultrasonic energy that makes it almost soundless. It helps you sleep soundly, without the racket of the electronic device keeping you awake. In fact, as this is made especially for children’s rooms, they have given it extra care to make sure that no noise can interfere. This is also great if you want to use it in your own bedroom or office, as it won’t hinder your daily routine with loud noises and a constant reminder that you’ve plugged it in. In fact, if we take a look at a price that goes around $29, you can hardly find a quieter and at the same time a more affordable product.

Not only is it almost completely mute, but it also doesn’t have any of those annoying small lights on that keep you awake during the night if you are light sensitive. You’ll probably forget that you even have it!


As the device is made with bedrooms and nursery rooms in mind, it is compatible with smaller to medium-sized rooms (in our estimation, it can humidify up to 300 square feet of space). If you think this is little for its capacity, bear this in mind: This unit can sustain longer working hours than most of the other devices thanks to its frugal water dispersion. It also comes with a rotating nozzle, giving you more directional control and wider coverage, so you can point it in the exact direction you’d like the spraying to go to. With this, you’ll be sure to provide yourself a cozy full night sleep without coughing.


You can sleep tight with this unit, as it will shut down automatically if it runs out of the water, so you can ease your mind and not worry about turning it off. In short, when it comes to being bedroom friendly, it definitely has a +1 point from us.

How Does It Stand Out?

Easy to carry

This unit has a top handle, which makes it easier for you to lift it up when it needs a refill. It is also fairly lightweight, as it weighs only around 3 pounds when empty.

Easy to refill

The Safety 1st Filter Free Humidifier rests under the faucet without a problem thanks to its flat top, and the tank is compact so you’ll have no problem filling it under the sink.


Standing at a price of $29.88, this unit is one of the cheapest models you can find.


What is the power supplier?

It works on electricity, so you need a 120V AC electrical outlet to plug it in.

Can you put hot water in it?

It is made to be used with cold water, so we don’t recommend putting any warm or hot liquid in it.

Can it be used with essential oils?

This unit is not supposed to be used with essential oils, and it doesn’t have any scented pad slots.

How and when are you supposed to clean it?

The Safety 1st Filter Free Humidifier comes with a weekly maintenance guidelines in the instructions. In short, you’re supposed to at least rinse it after every refill, and you should clean it more thoroughly once a week. The opening is big enough for your hand to go inside of it, but if you don’t feel like it, you can simply use some vinegar with a bit of warm water to ensure that there is no mold.

Do you have to use distilled water with it?

Despite distilled water being the recommended liquid for it, you can also use it with tap water without any problems, apart from occasional white residue in case you have problems with hard water.

Can you use it with Vicks VapoPads?

No, this unit doesn’t have a Vicks VapoPads slot installed.

How often do you need to change filters?

This model is filter free, so you don’t need to worry about changing filters. However, it is recommended to use it with distilled water so you prevent the mold from creating.


Having all this in mind, this humidifier is plain and simple, but still does a great job. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy overpriced models, then Safety 1st Filter Free Humidifier is the right one for your needs. It will give you long-lasting breathing comfort, it will relieve you from your asthma symptoms and it will help your child stay asleep during the night. Also, as it has no light and makes no noise, your kid probably won’t find it interesting to mess around with it when they’re left unattended while it is turned on (we still wouldn’t recommend you do that, though). It comes in two pastel colors, and it can stay turned on for way longer than any other similar unit. The only con we see with this product is that it cannot be used with aromatherapy oils, but that really shouldn’t be an issue if we look at all of the advantages. It’s really easy to clean, it lasts for a long time, you can set the humidity levels to your likings and the nozzle can be spun around.

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