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Samson SR850 Review: It is Actually Worth Double Its Price


The Samson circumaural headphones are being advertised as one of the best models for a given price. They have a semi-open-back design which will give you more of an ambient listening experience, while also being comfortable. The model is wired and adjustable and it will sit still on your head, which will give you an excellent drumming experience. The sound is supposed to go great with both electronic and acoustic drums, so no matter what you prefer, these should work great. They are also noise isolating, which is a necessity for every musician. We have tested this model, so if you want to read our verdict on them keep on reading below.

Driver / Diaphragm Size

The Samson SR850 model has 50mm drivers and neodymium magnets, which is more than great for this price range, as most high-end headphones have drivers of this size. The drivers deliver a frequency response of 10Hz – 30kHz that can handle any music source, especially if you use them in the studio. They provide a clear mid-range that can show any subtle changes in the sound, and the professional low-end sound delivers pronounced depth when it comes to punching sounds. If this isn’t enough, their open-ear design makes you feel like you’re listening to stereo music, which is a great addition if you simply want to lay back and enjoy your music casually. The sound quality is good enough for both audio mixing and simple playback as every tone is completely clear and separated from each other, which isn’t usually expected from such a cheap unit. All in all, the sound quality was better than expected and can match the most truly expensive models.

Samson SR850-3


The semi-open design provides for a unique listening experience, but it’s not good for sound isolation. They will block a lot of sounds, but the isolation is still a bit low. Also, this means that the sound will bleed a lot and that everyone close to you will know exactly what you are listening to. They are far from the worst model when it comes to isolation, but if you want to be completely excluded from the outside world while playing drums or listening to music, this might bother you. However, unless you plan on going out in public with them on, this shouldn’t be too big of a hassle.


The headphones are designed to be comfortable, so they have a self-adjustable headband, which is essential if you don’t want them to fall off your head while you’re head-banging to the sound of the drums. When you put them on your head, they will fit right to it, so you don’t have to bother adjusting them additionally. In the beginning, they may feel a little bit tight, but the pressure will completely disappear after around half an hour, once the headband loosens up a bit. The big and thick velour padding will also prevent them from pinching your ears and make them sit even more comfortably, completely reducing ear fatigue that can happen after a whole day spent in the studio. You can wear them for an extended period of time without even realizing they are on.



The headphones are made of thick plastic and reinforced with flexible metal parts, which means that they are rather hard to break. At the same time, they are rather light, which will just decrease their chances of receiving a huge amount of damage if they happen to fall down. In fact, they are practically unbreakable. The cord won’t easily snap, and the earpads are tightly connected to the rest of the headphones, so they won’t break off like it tends to happen with a lot of cheaper headphones. The sound won’t stop working suddenly on the one side, which is also an Achilles heel of most devices. These headphones cost only around $49,99 on Amazon, and they can last you for years!

Portability and Connection

These headphones won’t fold, but this isn’t a problem for them as the flexible metal will keep them safe from any damage. At the same time, they are rather light – they weight only around 1 pound! – which means that they won’t be a bother to carry around, despite them may be taking a bit more space than some other foldable models, especially those heavier ones.


They aren’t wireless and they don’t support Bluetooth system. However, the cord is 8 feet (over 2 meters) long, which is long enough for you to have freedom of movement while wearing them. Also, the cord is nicely attached to the base of the headphone, so it won’t snap easily while packaging or using them. They have a 1/8 ins plug, but there is a 1/4 ins adapter that is included when you order this model. This means that you will be able to plug them into any device that has a headphone jack, and most of the electronic drum kits will support it.

How Does It Stand Out?


The SR850 model has a semi-open design, which delivers a wide sound stage while also providing a good bass response and extended highs. All of this combined will result in a truly dynamic listening experience.

Sonic Power

The 50mm drivers and neodymium magnets can handle any music source. They are created to be a superior device for studio use, which means that you will enjoy the sound quality no matter what instrument you are playing.

Samson SR850-8

Studio Comfort

This headphone model is lightweight, with an over-ear design that is enhanced with plush velour pads and a self-adjusting headband. You will be able to listen to the music for hours and hours, without your ears feeling tired and without the feeling of discomfort disturbing you from enjoying your listening experience.


Will someone sitting next to me hear the music that I’m playing?

Unless you are playing your music really loud, then probably not. This model tends to bleed sound, but it isn’t as extensive as when it comes to some other, similar models. Especially if you are sitting in a louder environment, then the existing noise will drown any sound leakage.

Is the cord removable?

No, the cord is not removable and these headphones don’t have a wireless option.

How long does this model last?

If you take just the slightest care of them, these headphones can last you for years. Some users have claimed that they’ve had them for almost half a decade and they are still working like on the first day. The only thing that may need to be replaced is the padding, but everything else is extremely durable.

Can you use them for gaming?

Yes, these headphones are perfect for gaming.

Can you use them with an amplifier?

Yes, you can, and for some instruments, it is suggested that you do. The amplifier can make a great sound outstanding, so it’s always a bonus if you use it.

Can these be used with an iPhone or an Android?

These headphones can be used with anything that has a headphone jack, and they work great with any kind of smartphone.

Do they have a microphone?

No, they don’t, they are just standard headphones.

Are they good for sound recording?

You can record sound with these, but as they tend to leak, it’s maybe better that you use the other model for that if you are a professional and are looking for the best recording quality possible.


In most reviews you can read the phrase “this item is worth double its price!” and it’s usually just a meaningless claim, but in this case, the statement is true. Despite the little problems with isolations, these headphones would be great even if they were selling for a much higher price. The sound is great, especially if you love playing drums, as every note and punch will be heard perfectly clear. They are made of quality material and will last you for a very long time, even if you are a bit lazy when it comes to maintaining them. They are comfortable, so you can wear them for as long as you like. All in all, they are probably one of the best deals you can get.

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