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Sawtooth Command Series 4-Piece Review: Everything in the Box

This Command Series 4-piece drum set from Sawtooth is an entry-level kit that is an all-in-one option for those that are keen on learning how to drum. While there are cheaper all-in-one packs on the market, this model is durable and boutique-inspired to give you a kit that sits somewhere between entry and intermediate level.

While Sawtooth isn’t an instantly recognizable drum brand, some of the best-hidden gems come from companies like this. With an attractive price and a sleek design, we wanted to take a closer look and break down the important info for you. Let’s dive in!


At a Glance – Our Initial Thoughts

For those that are purchasing their first drum set, we really recommend going the route of an all-in-one kit, such as this one. The reasons for this are two-fold.

First, you can get everything you need all in the same place. This saves you time picking and choosing, mixing, and matching. When you are a beginner drummer you haven’t quite developed an ear for what you need, so a kit that gives you good quality and flexibility is what you should be looking for.

Second, by purchasing a kit like the Command series, you will save money, as everything is bundled together. If you build a kit from the ground up, you will pay a lot more solely for the fact that everything you buy is an individual piece.

This kit is built well, looks great, and we think it will serve beginner drummers perfectly.

What’s in the Box?

Sawtooth makes sure to include everything you need to begin your drumming journey on a standard size kit.

Breaking down the shells, you get the following 4 pieces: a booming 24” x 14″ kick drum, a single 13” x 10” rack tom, a good size 16” x 16” floor tom, and a snappy 14” x 5.5” snare. All shells are constructed from poplar for a warm and punchy tone that helps to keep the price of this kit affordable.

Covering the snare and toms are 7mm coated heads, while the bass drum gets a 7mm clear head on the batter side. The toms and snare also use 1.6mm steel triple flange hoops, and the bass drum has 9-ply birch hoops with wrap inlays.


Taking a look at the hardware, we find a heavy-duty mount to secure the tom to the boom stand, as there is no bass drum mounting system on this model. 4 Chromecast stands also come in the box: the aforementioned boom cymbal stand, a straight cymbal stand, a hi-hats stand, and a snare stand. These are all double-braced for security and durability, with rubber feet to prevent them from sliding and toppling over during performance.

However, what good are stands without cymbals to go on them? Lucky for you Sawtooth includes the ZBT Series cymbal pack from industry giant Zildjian. Included in this pack are a pair of hi-hats, a crash, and a ride cymbal for all the flexibility a beginner needs.

Rounding out the Command Series is a kick drum pedal, drum throne, and even a pair of sticks! Sawtooth makes it easy for you to set up this all-in-one option, and you can be playing it in no time.

How Does It Stand Out?

Bred For Beginners

These “everything in the box” models are meant for beginner drummers. They are created to provide all the pieces a newbie needs and to keep the cost down at the same time. This means you will be sacrificing quality for a lower price. However, you shouldn’t be deterred by that as entry-level kits can still sound good, and last a long time. As you grow as a drummer, you can upgrade pieces here and there.

The tom mounting of this kit is particularly interesting, as there is no way to secure the rack tom to the bass drum. Instead, the tom gets mounted to the boom stand.

The pros and cons of this type of setup are up for debate. Some prefer it this way, as it allows you more flexibility in the placement of the tom, and it’s even claimed that a virgin bass drum (aka a bass drum that has nothing attached to it) can ring out and resonate more freely. Others prefer having their toms directly over their bass drum as a matter of comfort. Whatever your preference, this shouldn’t be a huge issue, as you can still position them over the bass drum, and the boom stand is heavy-duty enough that it won’t fall over while you are striking the tom.

Also of note, the ZBT Zildjian cymbals are a nice touch, as they hover somewhere between entry-level and intermediate in the cymbal world. Lathing on these cymbals helps to open up the sound, and due to the fact they are all from the same line, you get a more consistent sound across the spectrum.

Excellent Expansion

Sawtooth provides extension packs if you feel like expanding this kit down the line. They have 3 different packs you can choose from.
1. Extension Pack 1: This pack contains a secondary rack tom at 10” x 8”, as well as a secondary floor tom measuring 14” x 14”.
1. Extension Pack 2: This pack contains a secondary rack tom at 12” x 9”, as well as a secondary floor tom measuring 18” x 16”.
3. Floor Tom Extension Pack: If you want to forgo another rack tom, this pack only gives you a secondary floor tom in a 14” x 14” size. There is also an 18” x 16” size but it is only available in the White Oyster color.

Seek Your Sound

As you grow into your craft, you will undoubtedly want to tinker with your kit to get the best possible sound from it. This is a very common practice among musicians, as they like to sculpt their instruments to fit their sound and style.

Areas of interest around the kit that can be customized include the drum heads, cymbals, stands, pedals, and sticks. Drum heads can make a good kit sound great and can also drastically change the tone of your kit, as some heads are produced for specific musical genres. Changing out your cymbals can be costly, but will give you accents that are sonically satisfying. Sticks will be the most affordable way to experiment, and can also make a big difference in your sound.

Is this kit suitable for beginners?

It absolutely is. In fact, that is who it is designed for! It has a good quality build and sound and won’t break the bank while providing you all the pertinent pieces of a drum kit.

Do I need to purchase anything else for this kit?

You do not. This drum set has every single piece you need to complete your kit. Sawtooth even provides you with a pair of sticks.

I’ve heard entry-level kits are garbage. How good is the quality of this kit?

We won’t sugar coat things for you. You will never get a high-quality, professional-sounding drum set from an entry-level kit, no matter how many upgrades you make. This is mainly due to the wood that is used in entry-level drum shells, which is primarily poplar, or a similarly affordable option. Pro-level kits use high-end maple or birch which instantly gives it a more polished sound.

Entry-level options also have entry-level cymbals, and heads, which affect the sound. The bottom line, these all-in-one sets aren’t in the same league as kits that are 2-3 times their price. But that doesn’t mean they are garbage. Their role is an important one in the drumming community: helping beginners learn the basics.

Our Final Thoughts

Beginner drum kits are what they are, and while you could lump this one in with that generalization, that would be unfair.

Sawtooth has created an excellent starter kit that is a step up from entry-level, which is reflected in the price tag. It provides all the basics you need to get learning, and with a few tweaks down the road, we think you could have a really nice kit that will be something you can play for many years.

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