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Suncast Everett Storage Shed 6′ x 8′ Review (BMS6810D): Easy to Assemble

Despite being known for stability and practicality, the Suncast 6’ by 8’ Everett Vertical Storage Shed has a rustic charm to it that adds value to your backyard. While it’s made from durable resin, it looks exactly like wood and has many advantages you’ll love. Not only that, but this shed is large enough for lots of equipment and it’s one of the easiest sheds to assemble.

Quick Guide

Size: 97.75 x 74.75 x 92.75 in
Square Feet: 306 (mostly vertical)
Material: Durable Double-Wall Resin, Metal
Features: lockable doors, skylights, multi-wall panels, metal-reinforced roof, fast assembly, windows


The main material in the Suncast 6’ by 8’ is resin, specifically double-wall resin to reinforce it against bumps, bangs, and the elements. This material has a woodgrain finish and honestly looks realistic until you touch it. If you want an authentic looking shed, then Suncast does a wonderful job of replicating the texture and appearance of true wood.


Some people have negative feelings about resins and other plastics because they can be flimsy if made incorrectly. Suncast has been in business since 1984 and their sheds are known for being durable and sturdy, holding up against heavy winds, rains, snows, and the sun. This material shouldn’t discolor or warp from the sun, and it can take more than a few hits without showing any wear.

There is also metal used in the pitched roof to reinforce it. This is ideal for resisting rain and snow, plus it makes the shed more durable overall. This is meant to last for many years and you’ll get lots of use from it. Not only that, but the resin is extremely easy to maintain and you should only have to clean the shed every now and then to keep it looking good.


Another benefit is that even though the resin is thick and durable, it’s also relatively lightweight compared to other materials. This will come in handy during assembly.

Weather Resistance

Like many other resin sheds, the Suncast 6’ by 8’ Everett Vertical Storage Shed is made to resist the elements and show little wear even after years of use. Let’s start with rain and snow. This is where the shed really shines because, unlike wood, resin doesn’t absorb moisture and will stand up to nearly any storm or blizzard.

The roof has been formed to allow rain and snow to roll right off, plus the metal reinforcement should prevent the shed from getting weighed down and collapsing. The material also won’t warp regardless of how much moisture and precipitation it must endure.


What about the sun and wind? This resin is made to resist the sun and its damaging effects. The sun is known for discoloring materials and making them warp or weaken after hours and hours and exposure. The Suncast 6’ by 8’ can easily withstand even harsh summer sun without showing any wear. The resin will maintain its rich tan color. As an added benefit, resin doesn’t absorb much heat, so it won’t feel like an oven when you walk into the shed.

It’s also great against high winds and should resist them with ease. Unless you need a special hurricane-proof shed, this should stand up to the elements in your area. You’ll find this shed is a wonderful all-rounder that works in nearly any environment.

Storage Features and More

This shed is 8’ high, which allows you to store many long-handled tools, ladders, upturned bikes and more. You’ll find you have plenty of room for longer objects and there’s also lots of room for shorter equipment like lawnmowers or wheelbarrows. Speaking of heavier equipment, the floor has been reinforced to withstand even tractors and other big equipment. This also prevents critters from burrowing into the shed and making their nest there.

The lockable double doors open very widely and this allows you to access all your equipment and tools with ease. As long as the entrance isn’t clogged with objects, you shouldn’t have any problems accessing every part of the shed.

Lighting should never be an issue. You should be able to see everything when you open the doors, but to ensure there are no problems, Suncast placed several skylights in the roof to allow even more light in.

One of the absolute best things about this shed is that it’s very easy to assemble. It comes in pieces, but you should have no problem putting it together. All it takes is a few hours, a few tools, and your shed will be up and ready for you.

Best For

The Suncast 6’ by 8’ vertical shed is good for several types of people. First of all, it’s very low maintenance and one of the easiest sheds to assemble. Even if you’ve never put a shed together before and you’re not handy with tools, you should have no problems putting this together. The instructions are very clear and everything goes together with ease.

The high 8’ capacity allows you to store taller items like ladders and long-handled tools with ease. Even if you don’t have taller objects, there is plenty of room for big equipment like tractors and lawnmowers. In either case, the multi-wall panels have been crafted to be strong and stable.

You’ll also love this shed because it resists almost all types of weathering. The sun won’t hurt it, the roof prevents snow and rain from collecting, and it can withstand high winds with ease.

While this shed is best for vertical storage, it has many other benefits that make it fantastic for a number of different people.


Are the windows on the side real or just for the look?

They are real windows, although it is made of plexi type of material, and not glass.

How is the item delivered?

The Suncast Everett Storage Shed comes in two separate heavy boxes, two adults can easily assemble it.

How difficult is it to assembly this storage shed?

Assembling the Suncast Everett Storage Shed is relatively easy, but it will still require two people to assemble it. You can find the manual here.

Is there ventilation to keep the shed cool

There are two small vents, one above the door and one at the rear side.

How high is the door opening on this shed?

Door opening is 57 in. W x 72 in. H.


If you have long tools or want lots of storage, then the Suncast 6’ by 8’ Everett Vertical Storage Shed is exactly what you need. Not only that, but this shed is very easy to put together even if you’ve never assembled a shed before. From it’s durable walls, resistance to weathering, and numerous other benefits, this shed is ideal for many different people and you’ll get years of use from it.

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