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Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed Review: Small But Mighty

The Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed is a small but mighty shed that’s designed for garbage cans, tools, equipment, and larger accessories. Made from durable resin and with a highly accessible lid that opens in multiple directions, this shed is great for protecting objects from weathering and it adds extra appeal and security to your backyard.

Quick Guide

Size: 53 x 45.5 x 32.25 in
Square Feet: 34
Material: Multi-Wall Resin Panels
Features: Easy-lift lid, lid is highly accessible, UV protection, lockable doors, easy assembly, reinforced floor


The Suncast BMS2500 is made from one material: resin. However, Suncast uses a unique type of resin that is thick, durable, and packed with benefits. First, this is a multi-wall resin that is made to withstand the elements and it can take more than a few hits without showing wear. It isn’t the flimsy plastic you’ve seen before. This shed is crafted for those who demand a resilient product that can protect their garbage cans and equipment.


Both the walls and floor are made from resin. Why do you need a reinforced floor? This resists critters from getting into the shed and making it their new home. No one wants to find a squirrel other rodent mixed in with their equipment and tools. This floor will prevent them from sneaking in.

Another benefit is that this resin is UV-protected, which is an absolute must for any object that will be outside all the time. Sheds face the sun on a daily basis and the sun can be very damaging. It can warp, discolor, and break weaker materials. However, the Suncast BMS2500 isn’t weak. This shed will maintain its color and shape during harsh summers and years and years of sun exposure.

One other benefit of resin is that it can take on many colors and designs. This particular shed is a light gray with a darker gray top. It has been pressed with a wood texture and looks exactly like a wooden shed until you touch it. This adds appeal to your backyard without having to worry about the high-maintenance required of real wood.

While it might be small, this shed is tough and made for demanding customers who need a strong storage unit for their equipment, tools, and garbage cans.

Weather Resistance

Why do people get sheds? Storing objects is only part of it. What you really want is to protect them, and what good is a shed that lets in water or gets destroyed by wind? That’s why you need a weather resistant shed, and that’s exactly what you get with the Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed. This rugged shed will vigilantly protect its contents.

The all-weather construction is built to make it stocky and ready for the elements. As covered in the section above, the material is UV-resistant and prevents the shed from being damaged by the sun. While that protects the exterior, the interior is also protected against the sun and heat. Not only does the shed prevent the sun from ever touching your tools and garbage cans, but resin is known for absorbing a very small amount of heat. Your objects will remain cool even when the sun is blazing.

What about snow and rain? This shed keeps out the moisture and protects the objects inside. Considering its stocky build, you should never have to worry about the shed collapsing even during blizzards and harsh storms.

It can also resist high winds when assembled correctly. This shed is meant to stay put and it’s a permanent installation that won’t budge. Anything less than a hurricane shouldn’t affect this shed in the slightest.

Storage Features and More

The Suncast BMS2500 doesn’t have the most features, but it makes the most of what it has and this is a surprisingly versatile shed. One of the most impressive elements is the door. Since this is a shorter shed it needs to be highly accessible, otherwise you’ll find yourself having to bend down to remove the contents. However, the BMS2500 shed has two wide double doors that completely open and the top can be propped open as well with the prop rod.


This ensures you can easily remove the lawnmower, snowblower, garbage cans, or anything else you placed in there. Not only that, but you can also lock the doors for extra security. Speaking of security, the shed is weather proof against all the elements. From the sun to the rain to the snow and so much more.

Since it’s made from resin, this shed requires very little maintenance. You should clean it occasionally to ensure it looks good, but even that isn’t a necessity. Assembly is also very simple. Even if this is your first shed, you’ll have no problems putting this together in a matter of hours.

Another benefit is that the small size ensures this shed can fit almost anywhere. Whether you have a yard to select the perfect area or just a small corner, the Suncast BMS2500 can fit in nearly any small space.

Best For

Whether you have a smaller yard or just want to protect a few small objects, like two garbage cans or your lawnmower, then the Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed is ideal. While it might not be as big as other sheds, that’s also one of its biggest strengths. Why get a huge shed when you have limited space or only want to store a few things?

Not only that, but this shed is highly protective of its contents. It’s weatherproof, rugged, protects against the sun, and is made to last for many years. On top of that, it’s very easy to assemble and will require very little work on your end until the shed is up and ready.


What are the interior dimensions of this shed?

The interior dimensions are; 48.6 x 42.6 x 27.8 inches.

Can i place a lawnmower inside

As long as the lawnmower’s handles are foldable, it should be doable, however you should measure first and compare with the interior dimensions mentioned above.

How long does it take to assemble this shed?

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to assemble this shed from start to finish.

Is the shed waterproof?

The shed is weatherproof, however not completely waterproof. That means things inside the shed will stay dry unless there is a bad storm with side winds.


Suncast is known for making durable, versatile sheds and the BMS2500 is no exception. This is a wonderful shed if you need a smaller unit. It fits almost anywhere, requires little time to put together, and provides rugged protection. Get this today and see what separates Suncast from the rest.

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