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Suncast Tremont 8 X 10 Review: A Very Large Shed That Is Durable

The Suncast 8’ by 10’ Tremont Storage Shed is a very large unit that is capable of holding a variety of long-handled tools, ladders, equipment like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows, and much more. Not only that, but Suncast has been in business since 1984 and they are known for their premium and resilient sheds, ensuring you’re getting the best of best. This also offers high vertical storage for taller items.

Quick Guide

Size: 100.5 x 122.25 x 103 in
Square Feet: 574
Material: UV-protected polypropylene resin, hardened weatherproof plastic, metal reinforcement
Features: multi-walled construction, reinforced floor, weatherproof, 6 skylights, 2 windows, low maintenance, easy assembly, lockable doors, corner shelves


The Suncast 8’ by 10’ is made from several highly durable materials that are great against the elements and stand up beautifully for many years. Most of the shed is made from UV-protected polypropylene resin and that’s a wonderful thing. Let’s cover the material itself and then talk about the UV protection.

Polypropylene resin is an incredibly strong form of plastic that is very stable, resistant to the elements, and is surprisingly rugged. This material can take a few hits without showing any signs of damage and it can last for years with ease. On top of that, it’s much lighter than other materials with similar durability. You’ll never have to worry about this material warping, discoloring, or losing its shape.

The UV protection doubles down on the sun protection. The sun can discolor and damage many sheds, especially since they are exposed to hours and hours of sunlight. This extra layer of protection ensures the shed maintains its vanilla and stoney colors while ensuring it doesn’t wear even from harsh summers.

The roof is made from hardened weatherproof plastic and is designed with a high pitch for removing snow and rain. Not only does the weatherproofing protect the roof against the damaging effects of water and moisture, but it prevents the whole shed from collapsing even in harsh blizzards and storms.


The roof is reinforced with metal to keep it sturdy even in the worst conditions. You always want more protection and this ensures the shed will last for a long time. This is an investment you can rely on.

Weather Resistance

The Suncast Tremont shed is perfect for all seasons and environments as it’s able to withstand all the elements. From heavy winds and harsh summers to bitter winters and powerful storms, the Suncast 8’ by 10’ can withstand it all. This is all thanks to its strong construction and the inherent benefits of the materials.

Let’s start with the wind. This is designed as a permanent shed that will stand its ground for many years. Unless hurricanes are a common occurrence or you normally face winds over 70mph, this shed won’t budge and it will keep its shape without any issue.

This shed is also great against the summer sun. It has UV protection that will ensure it never loses its color, nor will the material warp or have any issues. From normal summers to the really hot ones, this shed won’t suffer from the sun exposure and is meant to last for many years.

We then have rain and snow. The Suncast Tremont has several layers of protection in this regard. The high-pitched roof allows water and snow to fall right off. A flat roof would allow rain and snow to collect, which could lead to issues like the shed collapsing or reducing its longevity. This design choice is ideal for keeping the shed and contents safe.

On top of that, resin is resistant to water. You won’t have to worry about it absorbing moisture or getting damaged by it. This is why it’s perfect for nearly any environment.

Storage Features and More

The Suncast 8’ by 10’ Tremont Storage Shed has numerous features. The wide double doors are lockable and allow you to easily access all areas of the shed. Unless the shed is stuffed, you should have no problem walking in and finding exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s in the corner.


Speaking of corners, you get two corner shelves to help store smaller items and to keep the floor clean. This shed is quite tall and good for vertical storage. If you have many ladders, long-handled tools, and other tall items, then you’ll love how you can store them upright without having to bend them or place them at weird angles. You also get a reinforced floor that keeps critters away, can take a few hits, and won’t buckle even from tractor and other heavy equipment.

Lighting is great here as you get natural sunlight from both the windows and the skylights above. This shed is very easy to maintain (just make sure to wash the exterior every now and then) and it’s also easy to put this shed together. Whether you’re a pro or this is your first shed, you’ll have no problems assembling it.


From helping you organize your equipment and gardening supplies to giving you lots of vertical storage, you’ll get tons of use from this shed and it’s made to last for many years.

Best For

With 574 square feet of storage, this is a shed meant for those who need lots of storage. You want to store lots of taller items along with big pieces of equipment like wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, and more. The Suncast 8’ by 10’ gives you lots of space and doesn’t limit you.

Not only that, but the doors open very wide for easy accessibility and the wood texture makes this look great in your yard. It’s also ideal for those who love durable and resilient construction as this is made to last. You’ll also love how easy it is to put together.


Is Suncast Tremont storage shed waterproof?

The shed is weatherproof, however it’s not air-tight.

Can i add windows to the sides of the shed?

No, it is not possible to add windows to the side due to the filmsy walls. It would weaken the shed’s integrity.

How does the shed get delivered?

The shed comes in two separate boxes, the total weight of the boxes are at around 500 lbs, with one being slightly heavier than the other.

How long does it take to assemble this shed?

It takes about 4 to 5 hours for 2 adults to build this shed, considering you have the foundation ready and parts laid out.


The Suncast Tremont Storage Shed is a very large shed that can store a variety of objects and it has plenty of features to make you happy. From durable constructions to accessible doors and skylights, this shed is made to impress while allowing you to store all your big items.

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