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Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier Review: A Humidifier That is Safe for Babies

If you are a mom or anyone working with kids, you’ll know that many children have issues with coughing, allergies, asthma and similar breathing problems. Also, a lot of devices that can help them with getting relief aren’t really kid-friendly and could potentially harm sensitive groups if not handled with care. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is not supposed to be one of them. It is being advertised as a device that is completely fit for a nursery room, and it is also free of any toxic chemicals or materials, as well as being completely soundless. Is it really? Keep reading to see our review.


Light and small, this filter-free humidifier had to sacrifice its capacity for its compactness. The TaoTronics Cool Mist unit can only hold up to 0.48 gallons (1.8 liters) of water per filling, which is quite smaller than the average ones which can contain around 1 gallon of liquid. However, if you adjust its humidity levels too low, it can last you up to 20 hours of uninterrupted usage, which is probably more than you’ll need. In fact, its adjustable knobs give you control so extended that this model can put out from 50 to 210 ml of mist per hour, which is a great range. The downside is that the tank is not transparent, so you can’t easily see if the water levels are low – but the safety turn off option makes up for this, as the unit will be one step ahead of you and switch everything off automatically once the reservoir is drained.

taotronics cool mist humidifier


As this product is made especially with children rooms and bedrooms in mind, it uses ultrasonic technologies which keeps the unit quiet, almost to the point of being completely soundless – which makes it perfect for any room that you need to add some moisture in but don’t want to be disturbed during your stay in it. Your kids probably won’t pay any attention to it and it won’t keep them awake at night, all the while helping parents as well to have a good night’s sleep.

Also, while the thick material that the tank is made of maybe a nuisance when it comes to checking the water levels, it is excellent for keeping the unit even quieter. Not even the dripping sounds can pass through, a problem that can be found with many – otherwise quiet – cool mist humidifiers. This means that you can relieve yourself of stress while also enjoying your time in peace and silence.


Due to its compact size and relatively small capacity, it is best when placed in smaller rooms, which is another reason why it is being suggested as a perfect product for a nursery room. It is vertically designed to save space, so it can fit into most areas – just don’t put it on top of the blanket or any kind of cloth, as they may get a bit wet. It is also good for smaller offices and its elegant design will make it go well with even the most detailed interior.

At the same time, apart from giving you full control over the amount of humidity released with its straightforward dial knob, it also has a rotating mist nozzle which can spray over a full 360 degrees. This makes you completely in charge of both the mist amount and its direction to help you with moisturizing the desired room without worrying about the mist going directly on your child or any electronic device.

How Does It Stand Out?

BPA free

This unit is completely free from bisphenol A, a chemical that can cause fertility problems, heart diseases and other conditions.

FCC certified safe

The TaoTronics Humidifier has been certified by the FCC as it meets regulated limits for ionizing radiation. Combined with the above feature, it means that this device is perfectly safe for being used in the kid’s environment.

Vertical design

The look of this unit has been carefully designed to meet most interior lovers’ standards while also saving up space, which is a nice touch as it is made for being used in smaller rooms which will often require the humidifier to be placed upon a visible place.

Extremely quiet

Supersonic technology merged with thick material of the tank makes this unit completely noise-proof, which is great for nurseries and sleeping rooms.


Is this device safe to be used by children?

The TaoTronics Humidifier is made to be used in kid’s rooms, however it should not be handled by a minor as to avoid any injuries upon a child.

Does this humidifier cools down the air temperature of the room?

No; the “cool” in the “cool mist” only means that the air that blows from it is refreshing and a bit colder than the room temperature, but the overall temperature of the space will most likely not be lowered.

Is it heavy?

No, this is a very light product and weighs only 2.35 pounds when empty, and it is approximately 10 inches high. You will probably be able to carry it in just hand, and it is really easy to maintain.

How often should you clean it?

We recommend that you clean it once a week as to prevent any mold or bacteria, as it doesn’t have any filters. However, the cleaning process is really easy and you will even get a small brush included with the packaging.

Does it make the white powdery dust that a lot of other humidifiers do?

The white dust isn’t a direct result of a humidifier, but rather of the minerals that are in your tap water. If the white residue bothers you, try using distilled or purified water.


All in all, this device has definitely exceeded our expectations, especially when it comes to the small amount of noise that it makes. It is very quiet and it won’t disturb your children’s sleep at all. Also, if you are a parent that thinks about buying the humidifier for their child’s nursery, the FCC certification and the lack of BPA is just another proof that this is the right device for you as you won’t be endangering your kid in any way. The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is a perfect way for you to help your child with allergies or asthma, while also even lowering the chances of a flu outbreak, and all that for around $35, which is a more than a fair price.

We would only like if its capacity was a little bit bigger, as the unit will run out of water in less than 8 hours if set on high humidity settings, but as it is made for smaller rooms even that isn’t a huge problem. Also, you can’t use it with any essential oils or formulas, but again, if you are planning on putting it inside of a kid’s room, scents probably aren’t the addition you are looking for.

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