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Vicks V4600 Review: One of the Quietest Humidifiers

Most people are familiar with the famous Vicks Humidifiers as the company started working over a century ago, achieved trust from the generations of buyers, and reached international recognition with their traditional Vick’s Vapor Rub from the ‘20s.

To see if the company holds to their long-lasting fame, we have decided to put to the test one of their newer models – The Vicks V4600 Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier. This humidifier follows the recent trend of not using any filters and it is said to be one of the quietest products on the market, which would make it perfect for adding necessary moisture to the room you are sleeping in.



This humidifier can hold up to 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) of water, which is more than the standard size and this is definitely one of the advantages of this product. If the capacity is fully filled and the unit is put on a lower moisture setting, it can work for up to 30 consecutive hours on one filling, which is almost 10 hours longer than your average humidifier. The size still isn’t too big, as the humidifier weighs only around 4.8 pounds while empty, which makes it completely portable and mobile.

The capacity of the humidifier makes it perfect for medium-sized rooms, which is the average size of most bedrooms, offices and nurseries.
It isn’t recommended to put any essential oils inside of the humidifier, but the unit has slots that are perfectly sized for Vicks VapoPads, so the scent can be added through that output. Also, since it sprays cool instead of warm mist, the scenting isn’t really necessary for requiring freshness, but it is a nice addition.


Vicks V4600 Cool Mist Humidifier is on the top of numeral lists for being one of the quietest models currently on the market. After a short trial, we ensured that it stands to its reputation, as it really is completely soundless. It has the ultrasonic technology which renders it noiseless, and it’s easy to forget that you even have it turned on somewhere in the room. It produces no more than 40 decibels of noise, which won’t disturb your or even your baby’s sleep. This makes it perfect for both bedrooms and nursery rooms, or any other room in which you want to add some moisture but at the same time to remain at peace.

The only sound this unit makes is the occasional bubbling that happens when the water moves from the tank to the base, which is barely noticeable, shouldn’t be enough to wake anyone up and is even be considered calming by many.


The instructional menu claims that the V4600 model can cover over 1000 square feet (92 square meters) of space, but in reality, this number is a lot smaller, as the unit can bring humidity to up to around 200 square feet (18.5 square meters) – which is still enough, as this is the size of an average medium-to-large room. This is perfect for anyone with breathing problems that spends a lot of time indoors, at it can cover most of the rooms in your home. This makes it great for people with asthma, people who suffer from bloody noses during wintertime or people who just need a cough and headache relief.

The directional mist outlet is set to instantly spread the dampness 180 degrees across the room, which allows the humidity to spread around quickly and to give you an instant relief for your breathing issues. Due to this, it is recommended that you put the unit in the corner of the room and allow it to do its magic.

How Does It Stand Out?

Easy to use

The Vicks has the variable output dial which is quite easy to use and can be adjusted. It is also easy to fill as the tank is lightweight and can stand on its own in the sink while the water is being poured in, and the opening is very wide, so the dripping is brought to the minimum. It also has a handle, which makes everything even easier to carry.

Automatic shut-down option

The unit shuts off automatically, so you don’t need to worry about staying awake to turn it off at a certain point in time, and there is no panic about leaving it on while going out of the house.

VapoPad slot

It features a scent pad door that is perfect for Vicks VapoPads. The door can fit up to two VapoPads, which allows you to enjoy the soothing vapor for 8 to 16 hours.

See-through tank

The reservoir is translucent, which allows you to monitor water levels without opening it first, and that makes the maintenance quick and easy.


Can I use essential oils in this?

It is not recommended that you drip the essential oils in the water, as it will clog the device. However, you can add Vicks VapoPads in the scent pad slots, or you can simply take the essential oil blend that you wish to use, soak the used-up, dried scent pads in it for a few days and reuse them the same way.

Do you need to take the device apart to clean it?

The unit comes in two parts – the tank tub and the bottom. In order to clean it up properly, you need to remove the tank so you can wipe the entire reservoir down to its base, but the bottom parts don’t need to be taken apart.

Can you fit the entire hand in the hole of the water tank for cleaning?

Unless you have really large hands – yes, you can. The tank cap is wide enough to allow a hand to go inside of it for the cleaning.

Can I use liquid Vick’s with this humidifier?

No, the V4600 is made to be used with solid pads or capsules.

Do you fill this unit from top or bottom?

This humidifier is filled from the bottom of the tank, but this isn’t a problem. You should lift the top reservoir off the base, turn it upside down and unscrew the opening to empty the old, used water and fill in the new one. Don’t worry about the spillage, as it is minimal!


With everything that was said, this humidifier has proven to be one of the quietest units on the market, which makes it great for your bedroom or children’s room. It is also quite durable, as it can work for long hours without emptying. The moisture amount can be modified, so it can fit everyone’s needs. The only problem with this option is that the unit is slightly less effective than some similar models, as the humidity levels drop after time has passed, but it isn’t too problematic and it can still refresh the whole room fairly quickly.

The unit is easy to use and to clean, which is only helped by its lightweight. The opening is large enough for a hand to fit in, but if you use distilled water – as is recommended since this model cannot purify water – there is really no need to clean it every time you refill it. If you don’t feel like putting hands inside of it, you can always just soak it in vinegar for a while and you won’t have any problems with mold and mildew. The auto shut-off feature is also really useful, as well as the option to put scented pads to help you to make a soothed atmosphere inside of every room.

All in all, if we take into the consideration the low price of the device (its full price is $79,99, but it can be found at various retailers for as low as $35) and the 3-year guarantee, if you need something that will help you breathe better that also wouldn’t disturb your long-night sleep, this is the right unit for you.

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