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Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit Review: Sounds Like The Real Thing

Yamaha has always been a leader in musical instrument design, so we were excited to go in-depth on their DTX402K electronic drum set.

They’ve upgraded the build quality over previous incarnations of this model and included some new features for a kit that is aimed at technologically savvy, modern drummers.


But do these upgraded features automatically make it better? Is Yamaha still leading the way with its design and value? Read on to find out!

At a Glance – Our Initial Thoughts

Those that are looking for an easy to operate and flexible kit should keep the DTX402K in mind. It has a small footprint for setting up anywhere, which we believe makes it ideal for those that have space limitations and need (or want) something they can hone their craft on.


No longer will you be disturbing those around you anymore. With its dialed down sound output due to the inclusion of silicone pads and cymbals, it can take a licking and keep on ticking.

One of the things we love most about this kit is how it harnesses all the old-school practice techniques and brings them into the 21st century, with app control now a central feature that is integrated into your practice routine. These apps provide you a fun way to brush up on your chops and keep things interesting so you don’t get bored.

The last thing Yamaha wants is for you to fold up the kit and tuck it away in a corner of the room to collect dust. However, we think you will really like what this model can offer you.

What’s In The Box

90% ready to go straight out of the box, this is a pretty simple kit to assemble. In an 8 piece configuration, Yamaha sets up all pads and cymbals on 4 steel posts that not only provide a lightweight frame but a portable one as well. Each rack-mounted component has height adjustment capability and can also be customized for perfect angle placement. Using trigger pedals for operating the hi-hats open/close function, as well as your kick drum, you get additional flexibility and comfort from the unrestricted placement of them. Their quiet operation works well to not disturb those around you.

The pads and cymbals are covered in silicone to dull the noise made while striking them, and your hard hitters will love how they stay locked in place at all times. Two rack toms, a floor tom, a snare pad, and three cymbals (hi-hats/crash/ride) make it a full kit with plenty of tonal range.

10 kit styles are included in the drum module, all of which can be tweaked so you can find the perfect sound you are looking for. Double bass players will enjoy that both foot pedals can be configured to trigger the kick drum for some truly metal sounds. The cymbals also have a choke function built into them for accentuating parts of your songs. With its small footprint, it takes up barely any room and those with limited space will easily have a full drum kit with 280+ percussive voices at their fingertips.


Yamaha makes practicing easy (and dare I say fun?) with 10 built-in training functions. Various practice modes will allow you to tighten up your playing, helping to speed up your evolution as a drummer. There is even a fun mode called “fast blast” to see how fast you can play cleanly. A recording function also allows you to track your progress with small snippets that can be played back instantly.

With MIDI out you can hook up the brain to your computer and trigger software kits for recording demo tracks, and the USB out will allow you to record the Yamaha kits as well. Of course, if none of those options are your cup of tea, you can always just plug in your device and jam with your favorite tracks.

How Does It Stand Out?


Yamaha shows how powerful the modern age can be by infusing this kit with app control.

The Yamaha Touch app offers easy customization of the kits, allowing you to dial in various sounds and settings like velocity and tone. Various practice modes are also included in this app to help you refine your skills behind the kit.

For social media savvy drummers, the Rec N Share app gives you the power to not only share the drumming you have recorded, but you can also use the video function on your device to capture your performance. This is great news for those that want to track and share their progress with their drum teacher, or the entire world.

Sounds Like The Real Thing

The DTX402K sounds pretty sweet for an entry-level kit. Yamaha has done a good job replicating a lot of acoustic kits sounds to add a feeling of realism to the set. There are many different types of kits to choose from so you aren’t limited to just a rock or jazz kit. There are even various takes on a single kit (ie. pop kit 1, pop kit 2, etc.) so you won’t be short on sounds that can bring your musical vision to life. The pads also do a good job with sensitivity, further adding to the realistic feel of the kit with its response time.

Fold ’N Go

Already designed with a small footprint for those that have space limitations, it also has excellent portability so you can take it anywhere with ease. The kit is designed with a collapsible/foldable rack, and together with its lightweight frame, can be picked up and moved around easily. This is a great feature if you want to move it to different rooms of the house, drive it over to a friend’s house, or when you need to store it out of the way in a corner or closet.


What kick drum pedal style is included in this model?

The kick drum pedal that is in all the promotional material for this kit is a beater + pad style of the pedal. However, the one include is a beater-less trigger style of pedal, that helps to quiet the sound of the kit.


What size plug do I need to use this kit with my headphones?

The headphone jack on the drum module accommodates a 1/4” size. If your headphones/earbud have a 1/8” (aka 3.5mm) end, you need to use a 1/8” to 1/4” adapter so it will fit the module.

Can I use this kit with a double bass pedal?

The two pedals it comes with can be configured to both trigger kick drum sounds, so yes it is capable of making thunderous and majestic double-bass sounds.

Our Final Thoughts

Yamaha has made a really great electronic drum set in the DTX402K. While there are a few limitations (like all entry kits), they shouldn’t hinder you from fully enjoying the fun that can be had.

Not only does it have realistic sounds, feel and response, but Yamaha has stepped up the build quality from previous models for a more durable kit, and the app control alone almost makes this a no brainer in this day in age.

Anyone from beginner drummers, kids, amateur musicians, or those that are looking for a fun kit to keep their skills sharp should consider this kit.

If this electronic drum set is not what you were looking for, check out our Best Electronic Drum Set post.

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